Full Vulva Orgasms Are A Thing And This Toy Will Help You Bag One

And now for something completely different.And now for something completely different.

If you think you’ve got all bases covered when it comes to your vibrators, think again.

Clitoral stimulators and penetrative toys (and those that can do both at once) are the two main categories those of us with vaginas have to choose from – but what if we told there’s a THIRD option? 

Yup – the full vulva orgasm is very much a thing and fortunately Ann Summers are on hand to help you experience one.

Enter ‘The U’. OK. we know it looks like nothing you’ve probably had in your bedside drawer before, but the odd-shaped vibrator is made to focus on your vulva as opposed to going straight in for the kill on the clitoris. 

That ‘U’ shape is designed to cradle and not penetrate – its layering technology surrounds the clitoris with deep ripples of vibration but not directly, unlike the way you’d use a bullet for example.

Yah - it's pretty different.Yah - it's pretty different.

 Instead, the arms of The U contains powerful motors that vibrate against your vulva and stimulate the inner clitoris - resulting in a full vulva orgasm if you’re willing to put in the time.

In your cupped hand, turn the toy on and hold it against you with the large ‘bottom’ end pressed against your clitoris (‘the clitoral cushion’, if you want to be technical about the toy). Experiment with what feels good – it varies for everyone.

Fun fact: the founder behind the sex toy is actress Charlie Brooks, who is best-known for her role as Janine in Eastenders.

She shared on Instagram that when she turned 40 she discovered that the clitoris was the shape of a wishbone and couldn’t understand why a toy hadn’t been created to surround all of it.

Here’s what we think of ‘The U’

Ann Summers were kind enough to send us The U to try out (it’s a hard job but someone has to do it) and we can confirm that it lives up to its promises.

The crucial part of using The U is that it takes time – this won’t be one of your usual speedy wham bam thank you ma’am type of orgasms, it’s a process. 

Because of this, you really have to commit to taking time for yourself and put more thought into your ‘self-care’ – good things come to those who wait and yup, Ann Summers aren’t messing about with what this delivers.

It’s not often that we have the opportunity to learn more about our bodies and The U offers this – and once you’ve sussed out what works for you, expect a ‘wave’ type orgasm which engulfs the entire vulva.

Wondering what a ‘wave’ orgasm is? You can read more about the types of orgasm here.

The U is £100 from Ann Summers - you can check it out for yourself here.