Friday, Am I getting anywhere?

All damage is gone and replaced with green board and we will put in a plastic trim which is more expensive, but if the basement ever has a water problem again it will be able to with stand stupidity.
I feel like I am spinning my wheels these last couple of days. This is very frustrating for me as I am a woman of action. Not much action around here, but a whole lot of mess. I did not sew yesterday at all as after the doctor I spent 4 hours trying to book tickets for my Aunt and cousin. That was also a fiasco that left me frustrated and tired. I think I was just off in a foul place and was not willing to leave. I did finally go over to Lil sis's and help her with some last minute chores as she has company arriving today. That perked me up some. She has a way of listening to my grumble and making me laugh. Sisters what would we do without them?

Today was boob squash day and it was very painful. I also have a high pain tolerance so I must say it was gasping painful. But I found out I have very dense skin and tissue. Probably why I was able to have all those pregnancies with no stretch marks and just have very good overall skin tone. So you can call me dense and I will say, " Thank you, I know." Hope I don't have to relive that experience for a long while.

Mom's room is ready to paint, so I am going to try and get the ceiling painted tonight and the rest of the room tomorrow. The carpet layers will not be here until the 29th and then all the trim has to be replaced. Next week we are starting on the formal front room and hall and the master bath. They will come and measure for a new shower door assembly next week. We are changing out all the old hardware that is chipped and nasty and also gold fixtures to to a brushed nickle.

While that is being worked on next week I will be staring to touch up all the areas of the kitchen. One cupboard, shelf and drawer at a time. I will start systematically in one corner and work my way around. It will be so nice to say another room is done. Don't have any reason why I could not have started on some of this, this week other than unorganized laziness. Even my laziness is disorganized. Who knew?

I pulled a lone sweet potato, some small garden potatoes, a garden beet and a parsnip along with a couple of carrots out of the crisper last night. Most of the garden produce needs to be eaten in the next month The potatoes are sprouting and starting to sugar. Anyway I peeled and chopped and olive oiled sprinkling generously with salt/pepper and rosemary, then roasted and it was so good. Tonight it is old fashioned hamburgers with chips. and left over veggies.

I have a little more research to do on the inter net on spray painting fixtures. I just know someone on Youtube will have a tutorial.

Any plans for the weekend? Any projects? Any fun?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.