Five Frugal Things | You guys, I gardened (a little bit)

It’s always somewhat noteworthy when I do something plant-related. ;)

So three plant things is VERY noteworthy.

1. I planted some green onion ends.

You can do this indoors in colder weather (in a glass of water), but I always forget to change the water in mine, and they end up getting stinky.

But it’s pretty warm outside now, so I stuck two onion ends into a pot.

regrowing green onions

2. I planted some marigold seeds.

It seems somewhat unlikely that a trip to pick out flower flats will happen at all this spring.

But I did find a package of marigold seeds on my laundry room shelf, so I planted those.

marigold seeds

Better than nothing, I say.

And even I can grow marigolds.

(If you are a non-gardener like me, here’s a list of frugal plants for black thumbs.)

3. I bought three peony plants

I did a grocery stop at Aldi (hopefully enough to last us two weeks), and I noticed they had peonies!

I bought one there years ago, and it’s done really well in my front border.

Aldi peony
My original Aldi peony

I haven’t seen them at Aldi in recent years, so when I saw these ($1.99 apiece), I put some in my cart.

Aldi peonies

They’re just a root right now, but I don’t mind patiently waiting.

(Remember my hydrangea that started out as a lowly stick with a bud? I’m super patient if it means I save money. ;) )

4. I cut up some veggies for snacking.

Our love for fruit usually compels us to grab it out of the fridge and wash/slice/peel it.

But veggies are not quite as motivating to us, and they tend to sit, unloved and uneaten.

cut up peppers and carrots

I noticed the carrots and red peppers had been in the drawer for a little while, so I cut them up to make them easier to grab and eat.

I do still have two bags of carrots, though, so I think some roasted carrots might be in order.

produce drawer

(The silicone cover on the red onion half is from a Food Huggers set that I got in my Mighty Fix. They’re really awesome for when you have half an item of produce to store, like an onion or a lime.)

5. Because of the current situation:

  • We’re spending almost nothing on gas
  • Our cars are getting less wear and tear
  • Mr. FG is not spending money on work lunches
  • We’re doing almost no shopping (even Amazon isn’t tempting, since it takes weeks for things to arrive now!)
  • We are using basically no cellular date with Ting because we are always on home wifi.
  • Our regular retirement account contributions are buying more shares now (I wouldn’t know how many more, because I have steadfastly refused to log in and look at our stock market accounts! I’m happier not knowing where they sit.)

Your turn! Tell us five frugal things you’ve done lately.

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