Family Laundry Same-Day Laundering Service for Busy Families

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Keeping up with household laundry can be time-consuming and just plain exhausting. If you don’t have home laundry, it is an even bigger pain. Imagine a service that picks up your everyday laundry at your doorstep, then returns it to you perfectly washed and folded within 24 hours. Like magic. That’s Family Laundry.

two parents and two children
Photo of Oakland parents and founders, Laura Guevara & David Macquart-Moulin provided by Family Laundry

I recently tried Family Laundry when my dryer was busted, and one of my besties uses them weekly. (Future idea for service: come in and put my clothes away. I’m kidding.)

They are a huge time saver, especially for families without a washer and dryer at home. Instead of spending several hours at the laundromat, I get to have it picked up and dropped off folded, and ready to go into drawers so I can do other things. This has been especially helpful in a pandemic filled with work from home and kids in and out of school schedules. Totally worth the money! And for forgetful minds, the reminder texts that you have a pickup coming are incredibly helpful. ~ my friend, Annie

Family Laundry started the service they wanted to use. They’ve gone from sweating about mounting laundry to employing their own team of launderers and drivers (27 as of this writing), operating a fleet of trucks and cleaning facilities. In short, they employ other East Bay locals and they’re proud of it.

Family Laundry is proud of its impact on the community and it should be. They:

  • Provide the fastest turnaround at reasonable prices.
  • Provide a high-quality, consistent product.
  • Create good, secure jobs with fair wages and benefits.
  • Reduce our impact on the environment.
laundry bag with folded clothes
Clean clothes delivered fresh and folded | Photo: Family Laundry

How does it work?

Family Laundry is the highest-rated laundry service and offers the fastest turnaround in the Bay Area (same-day service is available in most cities). Pack your first batch of dirty clothes into garbage bags, after that you’ll have a special Family Laundry bag to use. They charge a flat price per bag ($49 for 25 lbs, then $2/lb) and $8.95 for delivery.

More to know: They only use Free and Clear detergent (great for babies and people with sensitive skin). They nicely fold all the clothes and do their best to bundle clean laundry by family members, so your clothes can go straight into your drawer. Real talk: since four of my family members are wearing the same size these days, that can be hit or miss.

mesh laundry bag
Use a special mesh bag for delicates that need to air dry | Photo: Family Laundry

They offer AIR DRY for delicates, too. Should any of your items skip the dryer? Just place them in a mesh bag and select AIR DRY DELICATES when placing your order (+$15/bag). Depending on the items in your bag, they will be dried flat (eg. sweaters) or hang-dried (bras). All air-dried items will be returned to you folded and tucked inside your Family Laundry bag with the rest of your laundry.

family laundry service van of bay area
Family Laundry has expanded East Bay delivery routes all the way to Richmond (North) and Concord (East). | Photo: Family Laundry

In their own words: Our Family Laundry adventure began in early 2018, the day we closed on our first laundromat in Fruitvale, Oakland. Our respective backgrounds in education and tech didn’t make us laundry delivery experts from the get-go, but we got our hands dirty and learned along the way. We run Family Laundry the way we think all companies should be run: we put employees first, we actively engage with the communities we operate in, and we do our part to reduce our impact on the environment.

WOW!!! Very impressed with Family Laundry. I was falling very behind on my laundry, and it didn’t help that the banks were limiting how many quarters we could take to even do laundry. I decided to try out this service and I could not be more impressed. They have an app so placing an order is super easy. They came for their pickup and dropoff in the time frame I requested and texted you updates every step of the way. My clothes came out SO soft and folded very neatly. I could not recommend this place more if you need a bunch of laundry done! ~ Aundrey M.

Family laundry 300

Thank you to our new sponsor, Family Laundry. Remember to save $20 when you try them with code 510LAUNDRY.