Family Home With Reserved Red & Yellow Accents

Sparing arrangements of red & yellow accent pieces subtly brighten the smart neutral base of this modern family home, which was designed and visualised by Quadro Room. The accents have been reservedly introduced to each room either as a solo hue or as a colour contrasting duo to create layering and depth. The backdrop in each area of the home follows a formula of slatted panel work, luxe black marble, and smooth wood grain, which is teamed with soft cream & mid grey paintwork. The result is a fully cohesive walkthrough, where the colour story continues seamlessly into even the bathrooms and the shared kids’ room.

We start the tour of this family home in a somewhat compact living room dining room combo, where the dining set overlaps the tv wall in front of the sofa. A large window with a view out over the city helps the combined use space to feel open and airy. Wall art in hot vivid colour injects energy into the room scheme; the hit of red in the art is projected into the centrepiece of the dining table, to create a visual link.

The tv wall decor is a combination of slatted and marble panels, which create the backdrop for floating storage volumes. The linear black and wood cabinets are offset to one side of the tv wall in order to balance out the dining set that is pushed up against at the opposite end.

More slatted panelling appears behind the sofa on the other side of the room. A black swing arm wall lamp extends from the pale feature wall. A plant pot by the window is finished in red to thread the accent colour through the open space.

A modern grey sofa is matched by window drapes of the same tone.

Smooth wood grain brings natural texture to a small side table by the sofa.

The backs of the dining chairs have a curvaceous wood finish too. Three unique dining room pendant lights descend close to the tabletop.

Red and gold decorative vases sprinkle the room, as seen on the dining table and the tower of display shelves in the neighbouring media cabinet installation.

The tv wall decor is complemented by the black marble dining table.

A small kitchen is separated from the living room dining room combo by a set of glass sliding doors. The transparency helps the limited space to feel larger, whilst the doors facilitate clear zoning; they also help contain cooking smells and noise away from family members who are relaxing in the lounge.

Since the kitchen is visually linked to the lounge/diner, the decor has been designed to follow through seamlessly. The wooden floor is one continuous installation, and the black marble backsplash echoes the dining table and tv wall. Some upper cabinets have been finished in a ribbed effect in a nod to the slatted wall panels in the lounge.

Bespoke storage volumes run the length of the hallway, with black marble and red accents pushing through.

A large mirror makes use of the opposite wall of the hallway.

Decor inside the master bedroom is light cream and dreamy.

A modern dressing table occupies the bedside.

Red and golden yellow scatter cushions, and a matching throw colour the bed.

A plain grey area rug makes the sleep space look cosy.

White closets quietly span the wall opposite the foot of the bed.

A glass vase of dried pampas grass brings a golden yellow hue to the modern vanity shelf in the master bathroom. A unique bathroom sink pushes up through the timber shelf, beneath a ceiling mounted vanity mirror that hangs directly in front of the window.

Black marble clads the shower walls.

We see a big increase in fun yellow accents in the kids’ room decor. Yellow curtains, yellow desk chairs, sunny cushions, and kids room accessories all come together to create a warm and uplifting place.

The two desk chairs in the kid’s study area are a unique contemporary design, with a geometric seat design and heavy concrete bases.

A wall of yellow spots on a pale grey background zones the sleeping area. Here, two Montessori style house beds lay head to head, with just one cabinet and drawer set stacked in between. Space fillers at the foot of each bed create a flush look, and also provide a little extra shelf space for each kid. See more shared kids’ rooms.

A kids’ gymnastic climbing wall has been coloured to match the rest of the decor, with yellow and grey ladder rungs, and contrasting hand grips.

The second bathroom in the home also favours the yellow accent colour, though the storage cabinets are smooth grey tones and smart black trims. LED strip lights illuminate the edge of the vanity mirror to give out a clean cool white glow.

Yellow tilework covers the splash zone and clads the front of the bath as one bold volume.

Modern wall art hung above the toilet flush plate brings the bathroom’s yellow and black accents together.

A set of recessed shelves behind the bath provides a handy hand spot to stow bath and shower toiletries.The over bath shower screen is framed out in black to match the three shelf frames in the bathroom, as well to complement the dark faucet and sunken basin.

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