Everything You Need To Know About Sous Vide

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Anybody else been doing more cooking than ever in 2020?  It’s probably still too early to call myself a “good cook,” but I feel like I do have a couple recipes under my belt now.  I’ve been wanting to branch out a bit in my cooking and have had multiple friends rave about sous vide, so I figured now would be the perfect opportunity to give it a try!

What Is Sous Vide Cooking?

Sous vide cooking is a cooking technique where food is cooked at a precise water temperature for an extended period of time.  The food is seasoned and placed inside a vacuum-sealed bag before immersed in a water bath, where the temperature is guaranteed to remain constant for the entire cooking period.

How Do You Sous Vide?

To sous vide, you really only need three basic pieces of equipment: a sous vide immersion circulator, a large bag or food container, and a large pot or container to hold the water.  I was a little intimidated by the idea of sous vide but after a bit of research, I decided to pick up the Anova Nano and it’s made it so incredibly easy!!

Anova Nano Sous Vide

Anova Nano sous vide | vacuum-sealed sous vide bags | Caraway dutch oven | electric salt/pepper set

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For starters, I found the Anova Nano to be intuitive and easy to use — there are 3 different buttons that allow you to see the current water temperature, another to set the target water temperature, and the last one to set a time.  The display shows down to the tenth of a decimal and it’s proven to cook food within 0.1° accuracy!  Anova knows that precision is important when it comes to sous vide as the difference between a rare and medium rare steak is only 3° — you can always trust that the Anova Nano is cooking the food at exactly the right temperature!

The Anova Nano also pairs via Bluetooth to a mobile app, so I’m able to monitor and control the sous vide even remotely!  Plus the app provides thousands of recipes that help get me started with different meal ideas.

Storage is also super convenient as the Anova Nano is a total of only 12.8″ and stores neatly away in our drawer without taking a lot of space!

Vacuum-Sealed Bag

You’ll want a heat-safe bag to place your food while it’s cooking in the sous vide.  A normal Ziploc bag will work as long as you are able to push out all the air within the bag — I do recommend doubling up on Ziploc bags to prevent leaking.  I personally picked up these reusable sous vide bags from Amazon as I wanted to ensure that they were BPA free and the included vacuum hand pump made it so much easier to remove excess air from the bags.

Large Pot

There are min and max lines for the sous vide to work.  I used my Caraway Dutch Oven and at 10″ / 6.5 qts, it was just deep enough to hit the minimum water line.  If you’re needing a large water bath container, there are lots of options on Amazon!

What Are The Benefits of Sous Vide?

Food is never overcooked – With a sous vide, food remains at a constant temperature the entire time, no matter how long it is in the sous vide.  For meat especially, the slow heating sous vide method also results in meat that is tender and juicy!

No stove necessary – The Anova Nano does it all!  There’s no need to have the pot on a stove and you can literally sous vide almost anywhere.  Where was this when I was in college??

Set it and go – There’s no need to watch the food while it sous vides.  The Anova Nano sous vide will maintain the water bath temperature and once the food is placed inside the pot, there’s no need to check back until the timer goes off!  The Bluetooth features of the Anova Nano do allow for monitoring of the sous vide device from anywhere as well.

Is Sous Vide Worth It?

In my opinion…  100% YES!!  For my first creation, I made lemon-garlic halibut and omg, it was incredible!  It had it in the sous vide for 45 minutes and finished it off on the grill for a couple minutes just to give it a slightly crispy glaze on top.  Meat, especially red meat, cooks exceptionally well in via sous vide and I’m also planning to try my hand at making egg bites (just like the ones available at Starbucks!) this week.  Sous vide also allows for easy batch cooking so fingers crossed that these egg bites will end up being a tasty healthy breakfast option as well!  And did you know you can even make sous vide cheesecake??  It’s going to be a busy and delicious holiday season filled with all the sous vide cooking!

Have you ever heard of or tried sous vide cooking?


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