Everyday Adventures 57

It has been several months since I shared an Everday Adventures post, so it is past time to share a little bit about our everyday life.

If you are a newer reader Everday Adventures is what I post a little bit about our life outside of the kitchen and various things that I don’t have time to share here in my normal recipe posts.

GF sourdough pancakes on griddle

Did I mention that I started my own gluten-free sourdough starter? I am a little behind the trend. Sourdough become popular in 2020 and it is now 2022 when I am finally working on my sourdough starter.

The reality though is that I was doing sourdough long before it was trendy. Way back in the early 2000s I had a sourdough starter and made all kinds of things with it.

My mom even did sourdough way back in the 1970s and 1980s. I am not a sourdough beginner, but I am new to gluten-free sourdough.

I gave up sourdough back in 2009, along with grinding my own wheat, when I went gluten free.

For multiple reasons, I decided to give sourdough a try again, but this time gluten free. I am still working on recipes that are good enough to share, but so far I am having fun with all the experimenting.

I think gluten free sourdough pancakes are our favorite so far. If you would like sourdough updates I have been sharing updates a couple of times a week on Instagram stories.

bowl of vegeables

I have been trying to eat more vegetables. This mix I bought at Aldi was pretty good. It makes a quick and easy vegetable side dish.

boxes of frozen food

This picture is summed up by stating that I sent my college son to the store to pick up some groceries and told him he could get himself a few things…

I don’t think my freezer has ever contained this many packages of hot pockets and freezer meals. I did not even know that you could buy frozen biscuits and gravy.

He said he was curious how they tasted and claimed they were actually fairly good. I am kind of skeptical of that though. I would much rather have my homemade gluten free biscuits and gravy.

My son has put up with a lot over the years when it comes to all the crazy food issues and allergies that the rest of the family has, so I actually don’t mind that he brought this home from the store.

Most of it was stuff that he had never had and just wanted to try. He also has had a busy and sometimes crazy, college schedule this semester that has made meals hard.

I just keep telling myself that hot pockets are probably better than Mcdonald’s or gas station food. 🙂 It was also a reminder that I need to restock our freezer with quick meals for him.

jars of salsa

He did come home with a few slightly more gourmet items like salsa and chips and dip. Apparently, he has a goal to try all kinds of different salsas to find the best one.

He told me that he would like to branch out from whatever random ones that I usually buy because they are a good price.

I will also add that sending your college child to the store for you is not good for the grocery budget. 🙂

drawer organizer

Why did it take me so long to buy an organizer for Ziploc bags? This simple item has made me so happy!

After reading reviews and measuring my space I got this organizer for Ziploc bags. It was so worth it.

This drawer used to be a mess of randomly sized boxes that did not fit well and were falling apart. Now I smile whenever I open the drawer because it looks so much better.

Empire of Pain book

It is no secret that our family likes to read. We even have a book website where we share our love of reading. My husband and I both recently read Empire of Pain. We loved it. If you love nonfiction it is a great book.

I think my husband though has now set a record for the number of book darts used in one book.

Do you know what book darts are? If you love to read or have a college student in your family book darts are amazing. We love them. Post-it notes work, but book darks are better.

Speaking of books, I went to my first library book sale since early 2019. I forgot how much fun they are.

The last two years have made me appreciate the little things that we take for granted. Even something as simple as a library book sale is something to be thankful for.

Taco meat in a freezer bag

Did you see my recipe and how to for freezing taco meat? It is a great time to stock your freezer for the busy month of May.

I hope your weekend includes time with family around a table filled with delicious food!

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