Dreaming of an Organized Kitchen and Pantry

Life definitely changed this year and we have found that clients want to prioritize organization in their homes more over the past year than ever before. Maybe that is the result of the stay at home orders we all had to deal with. I believe we can expect the trend to continue and clients desires will continue to grow.

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In the modern kitchen, walk-in pantries are now a must-have. They’re convenient and there’s nothing quite like that perfectly organized feeling they give. But, as you design a house, it can be tricky deciding how to perfectly fit your walk-in pantry into the dynamic of the kitchen.

Don’t you just hate it when you try to find an item in your pantry cabinet but you cant see anything? Yes we all do - we crave order and that’s what we have in mind for you, take a look at some great solutions below.

A common error is to line the pantry with shelves from top to bottom with no break. Adding a counter will accommodate larger, taller items and appliances, but also can provide an extra surface for food prep or a landing spot for your groceries when you bring them home from the store.

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If your a tidy person you can have your pantry exposed with glass doors.

Here is a tip - keep them separated. There is a divider out there that can separate dishes, cutlery, knives and utensils. @signaturedesigns_kbi

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Take advantage of all the corners in your kitchen with a blind corner pull out. You even have options with the to have a drawer on top or not. @signaturedesigns_kbi

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Appliance overflow can go into your pantry

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Introducing…the walk-in pantry cabinet! Make sure to turn your sound on or off.

As you can see, what looks like a standard tall cabinet on the outside actually conceals an entrance to a separate room! (Kind of like…Narnia?) The question for some may be: how exactly does it work? Let’s take a closer look at this cabinet in Medallion’s Modern Farmhouse kitchen.

As far as storage ideas for the room within, the list is almost endless. Of course, the traditional food pantry is typical, but as you dig into how people use it you’ll see other clever options. For example, there are some who do not use a microwave often so it can be placed on a shelf inside the room where it is out of sight from the kitchen view. Utility storage (brooms, mops, vacuums) is sensible since the floor continues from room to room without obstruction. I’ve seen these rooms house a craft area or even a laundry room; some with windows, and some that have an exterior door to the garage (that’s my favorite idea for creating a transition for grocery hauling resulting in less foot traffic trails!) Really, this room is a hidden treasure! It could also serve as a modern-day butler’s pantry that hides everyday kitchen messes. Though this kitchen shows a mix of wall, base, and tall cabinets, this cabinet would fit perfectly within the configuration of the “wall of tall.” Source: Medallion Cabinetry Sips & Tips Blog - SDKB are authorized dealer.

LEFT: The ladder pantry has ample countertop space and a ladder to reach all your stored items - what a dream to have such an organized pantry. RIGHT: You can carve out a pantry just about anywhere take this corner pantry above.


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Custom Home @signaturedesigns_kbi

Offering clients options for the pantry upgrade along side their kitchen remodel. Check out some of our cabinetry options available here.