DIY Projects to Make A Succulent Terrarium

Want to Know How To Make A Succulent Terrarium?

For even those without a green thumb, terrariums are super easy to make and incredibly low-maintenance. They also make great gifts and are a neat project to make with kids.

This DIY Terrarium makes a great gift, was assembled in a matter of minutes, and looks really beautiful.  Glass globes and round floral bowls are easy to find at garden nurseries and even some grocery stores. Succulent plants used to be harder to find, but now they’re becoming quite popular, and much more common. Even specialty grocery stores have started carrying them.

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 What Is A Terrarium, Anyway?

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A terrarium is a collection of small plants growing in a transparent container, one that offers either a closed or semi closed environment, basically a miniature indoor garden in a glass container. A terrarium can be used to illustrate how an ecosystem works.

Are They Hard To Make?

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There is nothing difficult about making a terrarium. This is actually a great kids craft, one that allows you and your child to make something special to share. However, adults enjoy making these, too. Succulent terrariums are very beautiful, especially if you look for a unique glass container to house your terrarium and find beautiful succulents, which is not difficult. You just need to obtain all your supplies, and the steps are pretty simple. DIY terrarium is a great way to bring a little green into your home, one that children really enjoy.

Are Terrariums Difficult To Maintain?

Check out DIY Projects to Make A Succulent Terrarium at

Taking care of a terrarium is super easy, too. Succulents are do not need much special care and are very forgiving. Just be careful not to give them too much water or too much sun. Remember, they do not need much at all, much less water and much less light than you would think.

Terrariums are both easy to make and maintain. They are perfect for placing on the dining table, a kitchen window , or any other well lit spot where they can be admired.  We love to look at ours every day.

Follow the steps below to create a terrarium.

Supplies You Need to Make A Succulent Terrarium:

  • Vase or jar with large opening
  • Small stones, pebbles, or gravel for drainage
  • Soil, preferably cactus mix, as it retains little moisture
  • Succulent plants of your choice
  • Sand (we used white, but you can find lots of colors online or at a local pet store)
  • Garden ornaments  or rocks (optional accents) Use birds, snails, mushrooms; large river rocks; glass spiders and bugs

Step 1.

Prepare a vase or medium sized jar with a larger opening at the top.

Step 2.

Place small stones at the bottom of the jar.

Step 3.

Add a little thicker layer of soil, enough so that you can let the plants roots.

Step 4.

Remove the plant from the pot. Put into your terrarium bowl and gently press.

Step 5.

Continue to transplant plants from the largest to the smallest depending on your taste. Get creative here, all terrariums are different. It is hard to go wrong.

Step 6.

When you have transplanted all the plants cover the surface with a thin layer of white sand.

Step 7.

Add decorative stones or ornaments for the final step. The terrarium is finished.


Tip: Expose the terrarium in the sun daily, and lightly water the base every two weeks or once the soil dries up.

Terrarium Care and Maintenance:

1. Give the terrarium direct sunlight every day for at least five or six hours.
2. Water the terrarium every two weeks.
3. Water should be able to freely drain to the bottom of the vase. After you water, there should not be more than 1″ of water visible in the gravel on the bottom.
4. Fertilize your terrarium once a month in the summer months (May through September.)

Just Remember: Succulents are desert plants, and accordingly, do not need much water. The roots of succulents are sensitive to the bacteria that develops when there is moisture, and too much water can kill your plants.


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