Display your Funko Pops! or commemorative plates with the best shelves

Wall-mounted shelves are a staple of model living. With storage space at a premium, a good set of shelves needs to be functional and look great whether you are looking to stack books, your Funko Pop! collection, or a potted plant or two, a wall-mounted shelf will keep them safe. We've scoured the internet and pushed our shelves to the limit to find you the best around.

Solid bracketing

Rustic Wood Wall Shelves

Staff Pick

These shelves are so versatile they had to be our staff pick. Because of the triangular bracket, you can customize how you attach them to the wall, allowing for a personalized look. They are sturdy too, offering up to 40lbs of load-bearing, so you can be sure they will hold anything you need.

$27 at Amazon

A classic look

Melannco Molding Ledge Shelves

If you are looking for something a little more vintage, these floating shelves from Melannco are perfect. These shelves are designed to look like crown molding, and they have a small lip to help stop your shelved objects from slipping off. These shelves come in a classic white, too, so they go with just about everything.

$17 at Amazon

Industrial storage

FurniChoi Rustic Wall Pipe Shelf

These industrial gas pipe shelves are all the rage right now, and I can see why. The mix of iron and wood is a compelling look, and with multiple anchor points, these shelves can hold anything you throw at them.

$90 at Amazon

Hidden depths

Emfogo Floating Shelf with Drawer

I love these little drawer wall shelves. They don't have the highest carrying load, but the small drawers are perfect for putting your keys and wallet in near your front door. This adds a little more practicality to a shelf designed for curios and small tokens.

$28 at Amazon

Just hanging out

AGSIVO Hanging Shelves

These shelves are something of a novelty, and you may not want to put anything too fragile on them. They are connected to the ceiling to swing freely and look fantastic with some draping plants to add color to a room.

$18 at Amazon

See clearly

Vdomus Acrylic Bathroom Shelves

These shelves are fantastic. They are made of clear acrylic to look like glass and have high sides to stop your stuff from falling out. Cleverly, the sides have a small groove at the bottom to allow water to run out so you can use them in the shower.

$25 at Amazon

Industrial DIY

Kaler 5-Tier Industrial Piping

Technically these aren't shelves; they're the bits you need to make shelves. You'll have to supply your timber, but these iron frames will look amazing once they are put together. You can even attach them to the ceiling instead of the floor, a truly unique look.

$89 at Amazon

Take a shelfie

In this pop-culture driven world, we live in collecting "stuff" that has become a passion for many people, so shelves are a hot commodity. I like the industrial look the FurniChoi Rustic Wall Pipe Shelf gives you. With those iron gas pipes and natural wood colors, the shelves look they have been in your house for generations. I also like the teeny tiny draws on the Emfogo Floating Shelf. They are charming and make the shelves more useful than just holding my random 3D prints. I lose my keys often, and this would save me from that issue.

There is a good selection of shelves here, some big, some small, but the most versatile is probably the Rustic Wood Wall Shelves by Bayka. These are three individual shelves with triangular brackets that can be configured in multiple different ways. This makes it easy to customize the look and feel to suit your personal preference.