Digital Simplicity Challenge (To Help You Reduce Screen Time)

Decluttering your junk drawer is one thing but digital simplicity is another thing entirely. It’s more challenging to see because digital clutter comes from so many different directions.

Answer the following questions (honestly) to see if you could benefit from some digital simplicity.

Spending too much time on your phone?

Annoyed that a simple email check turned into hours of scrolling?

Tired of people asking you to put your phone down?

Concerned with how much harder it is to remember things or pay attention?

Want your life back?

If you nodded yes to one or more of the above, join me for the new digital simplicity challenge: Less Phone, More Life.

The biggest problem with spending more time on your phone is that you are spending less time in your life. It’s not just the time on your phone either but simply by being distracted by it and the time it takes to recover from the distraction.

Join me for 5-days and if you implement just one small action a day, I’ll promise you a drop in your screen time by at least 25%.

You could be losing meaningful minutes and moments to your screens and it’s time to get them back. Our phones and devices can connect us to some really good stuff. After all, they probably helped us meet! That said, with a more mindful approach we can harness the power of our digital connections while reducing or eliminating some of the digital connection side effects like tired eyes, lack of focus, too much sitting, apathy and more.

Excessive screen time can negatively impact our physical and mental health. Join the free 5-day challenge so you can reduce your screen time and feel better!

P.S. If you are wondering if you’ll be spending more time on your phone or other devices during this challenge the answer is no. While you will be accessing the content digitally, the strategies I’m sharing will dramatically reduce your screen time.

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