Dewalt ToughSystem 2-Drawer Tool Box is on Sale AND Coupon-Eligible (12/7/19)

Dewalt ToughSystem 2-Drawer Tool Box DWST08290

Over at Amazon and Acme Tools, the Dewalt 2-drawer ToughSystem tool box is on sale and eligible for added $25 off $100+ savings (expires tomorrow).

The ToughSystem drawered tool box launched at ~$90 last year, and is currently $81. But, if you bring your order over $100, such as by ordering (2) of them, you get an extra $25 off your order.

The tool box features ball bearing slides and IP54 water seal. Its supposed to be a big upgrade over the previous model.

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If you dont want two of these boxes (to get the $25 coupon), there are plenty of other eligible Dewalt tools and power tool accessories.

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Dewalt DWST08205 ToughSystem Tote Box

If youre ordering from Acme, they still have the Dewalt tool tote in stock, at $23. If you order this with a single 2-drawer tool box, you get them both for a total of $79 and with free shipping.

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Why Buy Dewalt ToughSystem?

Im a big fan of Dewalts ToughSystem tool box. I have been scaling back on the number of ToughSystem boxes and organizers in my kit, but thats because my needs have changed since I first bought them. I shuttle fewer tools back and forth these days.

My ToughSystem tool boxes have survived inclement weather, non-climate-controlled storage, rough handling, and so forth. I had some tools rust in Bosch L-Boxxes while tools stored in ToughSystem boxes remained in perfect condition.

The drawer tool box is appealing because you can grab what you need without having to remove boxes from a stack, even if its at the very bottom. In addition to quicker access, it splits the internal volume, helping to keep things organized and more accessible.

No, this wont be the tool box for a large circular saw, but it seems well-sized for separating drills, drivers, jig saws, and other such tools. Another option is to separate tools and accessories. I could see a drill, impact, and bit sets being stored in one drawer, with a jig saw, blade set, and PPE being kept in the other drawer.

The pricing seems quite good. Buying two of them drops the price to $137 after coupon, or $68.50 each. Or, if there are other Dewalt tools or ToughSystem tool boxes or accessories you could use, you can maximize the benefit of the promo by keeping the order price as low above $100 as possible. The 2-drawer ToughSystem and open tool tote combo strikes me as a particularly good deal $81 + $23 $25 = $79 for both, compared to the regular price of ~$90 for just the 2-drawer tool box.