Designer’s Fav: Jaw Dropping IKEA Bathroom


We try not to play favorites, we really do. As certified kitchen designers, our design team treats every design the same: With the goal of bringing it to life for our customer. We’re proud of every IKEA bathroom design we do and we know how important the master bath is for customers to recharge before and after a long day.

That said, there are some IKEA master bath designs we’ve done recently that really stand out to us. Why’s that? Well, in our (humble) opinion, these bath designs are prime examples of good, premium and beautiful bathroom designs that are possible with IKEA cabinetry. And who better to describe the work that went into these projects than IKD designers Javier, Paulina and Merari.

For instance, there’s the spa-like, modern master bath for IKD customers Janice and Tom from San Francisco, CA, which features custom cabinetry and geometric patterns; another bright and airy bathroom featuring modern shaker doors and plenty of storage; and a traditional master suite that combines IKEA SEKTION cabinetry framework with IKEA BODBYN doors to create a space that is equal parts efficiency and elegance.

Who knew IKEA cabinetry could be so luxurious, right? In the right design hands, it is!

We hope that these IKEA master bath projects provide IKEA customers with design inspiration for your upcoming bathroom renovation and reinforces that IKD will help you design a functional and beautiful IKEA bathroom. So when you’re searching HOUZZ or Pinterest or other design Web sites for examples of IKEA master bath designs, be sure to keep the following projects in mind as well.

Let’s take a look!

Spa Like IKEA Bathrooms

This IKEA master bath designed for IKD customers Janice and Tom from San Francisco, CA, really has a modern twist.

It also happens to be a favorite of IKD designer Javier. He explains: “This design was a modern somewhat minimalist bathroom, enhanced with geometric patterns on the wall and floor tiles.”

What gives the design its unique appeal is the Semihandmade Impression Tahoe doors topped with a white modern counter.

“The cabinetry doors provide such a soothing feeling in this serene, spa-like bathroom,” Javier adds.

The space is complemented by matte black hardware which provides a modern contrast to the warmth of the custom cabinetry, he adds.

Custom IKEA Bath with Contemporary Vibes

IKD designer Paulina’s favorite IKEA master bath has some serious contemporary vibes.

Designed for IKD customers Marvin and Louise from Chicago, IL, the design features Semihandmade’s DIY shaker doors painted in SW Kale Green.

Paulina explains: “A contemporary look in this bright and airy master bathroom was achieved by using modern-style shaker doors from Semihandmade which are accented with gold accessories and mosaic tiles.”

And while the design theme is certainly eye-catching in its own right, it also provides some attention-grabbing, customized storage options as well.

“Both clients are very busy people and they each wanted a master bath that not only honored their style preferences but their morning and evening routines,” Paulina adds.

To that end, all top SEKTION drawers have an internal drawer to maximize storage, especially for his-and-hers grooming items and linens.

“This master bath really is the epitome of style and substance and the clients could not have been happier,” Paulina concludes.

IKEA Classic Design

For IKD designer Merari’s favorite IKEA master bath, it had a unique layout with which to work from. In fact, what it lacked in size it made up for in height.

“For this traditional IKEA bathroom, we took advantage of ceiling height and created a focal point with the sink cabinet framed by tall shallow cabinets with glass doors on top,” she says.

Designed for IKD customer Angela from New York City, NY, the design combined IKEA SEKTION cabinetry framework with IKEA Off White BODBYN glass doors that helped make the otherwise small space feel spacious and light.

Merari points out that the drawers flanking the sink provide storage for everyday use items and help keep the counter free of clutter.

A sense of luxury was achieved with gold accessories that are the perfect complement for the classic IKEA BODBYN doors, she says.

“It was a pleasure to create a master bath design that balanced elegance with efficiency. It fit the client’s functional and aesthetic needs so well!” Merari concludes.

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