Create the Illusion of Space (Without Decluttering) With the 5 Best Storage Beds

If the size of your sleeping quarters is more modest than magnanimous, a good storage bed can replace a bulky dresser to house clothing and those sentimental tchotchkes you still hold on to, instantly creating the illusion of more space and the reality of less clutter. Equal parts stylish and functional, the best storage beds transform a disorganized bedroom from a stress-inducing space into a well-arranged snooze sanctuary. 

Because this particular piece of furniture serves double-duty, it’s best to consider factors such as mattress size, drawer depth, and overall storage capacity before picking. To help you pin down your ideal option, we’ve tapped design experts and Domino editors to share five standout designs that are worth the investment. 

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Types of Storage Beds: There are three main styles of storage beds: frames with side drawers, those with a single end drawer, and designs that lift up to reveal storage. You want to make sure that the type you choose aligns with the spatial constraints of your existing environment as well as physical limitations with assembly, according to Courtney Sempliner of Courtney Sempliner Designs. “Drawers on the sides of the beds are great, but you have to think, ‘Are they going to interfere with a bedside table?’” she says. “If you get a lift-up bed with hydraulics, is that going to be difficult for you to be lifting and closing constantly? Is there a lighting fixture it might hit?” 

Size: With the promise of all those handy compartments, it’s important to pay close attention to bed frame size in addition to your mattress size when exploring those with built-in storage, explains Eddie Maestri of Maestri Studio. “I’ve been surprised at how many options are so much larger than the normal frame,” he says. “Be careful to select a bed that will allow good storage, but be [at] an appropriate scale so as to not overpower the room.” If you’re shopping for a storage bed, Maestri says you’re more than likely looking to maximize space in a small bedroom with limited space. It’s even more crucial to measure the space and make sure the frame dimensions will even allow you to pull out a storage drawer.

Material: Storage beds are typically made of wood, but you can find upholstered options, as well. But both Maestri and Sempliner agree that upholstered beds help to enhance a room’s coziness, but the material is more subject to deterioration or damage than a wood frame. “Fabric has a really nice modern cozy look, but you’d have to worry about the wear and tear of it,” Sempliner says. “So if you have kids, maybe a white upholstered bed isn’t the way to go.”

While upholstered beds can make a room feel softer, Maestri says that unless the storage compartments are clad in performance fabrics, the material is likely to become increasingly weathered over time. “I think a built-in storage headboard made out of wood is classic, has a mid-century throwback vibe, and is durable in both wearability and longevity of being in style,” he says. 

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Pottery Barn Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

With numerous color and fabric options, this option from Pottery Barn proves that both style and usefulness can peacefully coexist in one glorious storage bed. The platform bed comes with a pair of very deep side drawers on each side, making it easy to retrieve contents. Each drawer is easy to slide out and features thickly padded and upholstered fronts. Additionally, it’s set on a slat support system and has adjustable leg levelers that help stabilize it on uneven surfaces. 

Domino chief content officer Kate Berry loves the aesthetic appeal and the functionality of the bed. “The thing is, a lot of beds with built-in storage are perfectly utilitarian but not exactly stylish,” she says. “Two years ago we upgraded to Pottery Barn’s Upholstered Storage Bed, the just-right blend of practical and pretty, especially considering its neutral, goes-with-anything flax fabric.”

Best Value: Novogratz Kelly Bed with Storage

Let’s face it: Bed frame shopping can get rather intimidating when you want something that doesn’t soar above your budget, particularly if you’re searching for specific features. Fortunately, our research led us to this lovely bed with storage for under $500, which stood out as offering the best value. Dark grey linen upholstery gives it an elegant, refined look and its simple, clean design makes it an ideal candidate for anyone who seeks to keep a smaller space tidy, structured, and well-organized.

Best Colors: Anthropologie Lena Storage Bed

We nominate this next storage bed for the “Most Likely to Stand Out” award due to its broad color options — everything from chartreuse to sangria — and sumptuous design. Available in 21 eye-catching hues, the storage bed also has equally snazzy detailing to match, including a diamond-tufted headboard and luxe upholstery. Its storage compartment is neatly integrated into the foot of the bed, which houses a single, large pull-out drawer that’s perfect for sweaters, books, and other chic accessories of your choosing. Think of it as a stylish mini dresser.

Best Shape: Mr. Kate Moon Upholstered Bed with Storage

This trendy storage bed frame is a head-turner thanks to its rounded headboard. Not only does its soft curvature make it a winner, but it comes in two neutral-ish velvet tones (blush and grey) that enhance its already elevated style. Its two pull-out drawers are essentially hidden into the side of the bed and lock into place, making storage efforts less of a cumbersome task. Note that the bed only holds up to 500 pounds, so you don’t want to put anything too heavy in it.

Best For Kids: Crate & Barrel Malcolm Wood Storage Bed with Shelves

This wooden storage bed all but promises to keep mayhem at a minimum in children’s bedrooms. Kiddos tend to have lots of essentials (toys, books, their favorite teddy, ect.), hence the need for kids’ furniture with storage options that are easy for them to access and can accommodate  numerous items. This one manages it all. Both sides of the headboard are equipped with bookshelf storage so your little one can easily grab a bedtime story with minimal effort. There’s also a nice-sized display shelf above the bed for trinkets as well as a footboard drawer to store seasonal clothing or . With an adaptable design, this storage bed is a top-rated kid-friendly pick that tiny dwellers won’t outgrow too fast.

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