Choosing the best kitchen trolley: a brief guide

The kitchen is one of the most used areas in our home. We cook tasty meals and gather there. There’s no doubt that the kitchen is the most important part of a home because it fuels our lives.

As a result, all the conditions of your kitchen should be paid attention to, like the environment, layout and so on. A clean and hygienic kitchen must be well-organised and not in a mess, otherwise you won’t be in a good mood to cook.

In this blog, we will cover the following topics:

  1. Why is kitchen hygiene so important?
  2. Main causes of a dirty kitchen
  3. Ways to deal with an unclean kitchen
  4. How to choose a decent kitchen cart
  5. Recommended kitchen carts
  6. Common questions
  7. Conclusion


Why is kitchen hygiene so important?

We cook delicious food and enjoy delights in the kitchen with family and friends. Try to imagine a cosy scene when your partner slowly walks towards you with a freshly baked cake. But all of the precious time that happened in the kitchen will be based on a clean and sanitary kitchen environment. Bacteria and microbes are easy to breed where there is food, especially in summer. Therefore, kitchen hygiene is the prerequisite of cooking and eating.


Look at the following pictures and ask yourself: which of these kitchens is like mine?










a dirty, cluttered mess                         or               a spotless, organised cooking utopia?


Main causes of a dirty kitchen:

  1. Busy schedule

People do not have time to clean it up after cooking/eating, especially for salarymen.

  1. Too much stuff

There is too much kitchen stuff but not enough space to organise.

3. Laziness

We’ve all been there. After a long day at work, a gruelling workout, taking care of kids or whatever else occupied your time, you’re tired. The last things you want to deal with are dishes and kitchen hygiene. But don’t let laziness overtake you. Over time, not attending to your kitchen can lead to it looking gradually filthier and filthier.


Ways to deal with an unclean kitchen

Here are some basic tips to turning your kitchen from a filthy nightmare into a sparkling part of your home:

  • Never set dirty utensils in the sink
  • If your budget permits, purchase a dishwasher
  • Prepare some common kitchen cleaning equipment (like rubber gloves, dish brushes, dry cloth, cleansers)
  • Buy a kitchen organiser to assist you with storing and arranging kitchen utensils.


Of course, there are much more effective methods for tidying up the kitchen. In terms of creating a clean kitchen, I think a prime factor is to save space and make it look tidy.


Thus, apart from those cleaning procedures, you have another relatively easy choice — move your kitchen appliances and utensils to a kitchen island cart.


How to choose the best kitchen cart?

What do we want? What do we dislike?
Large storage space Small size without ample storage space
Appropriate size Available for just one size
Durable materials Fragile material
Easy to move Difficult to clean
Multi-functional Dull color and no sense of design
Good appearance  

As this chart displays, you might not be able to get the best of both worlds. Sometimes there are tradeoffs when choosing a kitchen cart. Although we can’t make the decision for you, we can at least guide you on how to choose a suitable cart.

Recommended kitchen carts

If you’re more focused on size and utility…

Description: Large-size, Spacious, Rustic Style, Simple Design

This rustic kitchen cart can be a practical assistant for you when you are cooking or preparing dinner or afternoon tea. Without complicated design, this microwave cart (101.5 x 51 x 92cm/ 40 x 20 x 36.5” (L x W x H) only features three shelves with a wide drawer but offers you spacious storage space. The simple design and water-resistant surface make cleaning a breeze; large shelves can lay dishes, wine bottles and other kitchen utensils freely.

I think this type is well suited for salarymen who do not have too much time to spruce up the kitchen during the working day. It’s large enough and practical enough for daily use.


Friendly reminder: It is suggested that to match with wood floor and furniture of similar color or material (like wooden storage rack or cabinet with rustic style), that will make the whole kitchen layout look more harmonious.

If you want a kitchen trolley with a more stylish look…


Description: Elegant, Hammered White, Large Capacity

This crisp white storage trolley must be the focal point in your kitchen/dining room/sitting room. It provides you with ample storage space and also serves as a modern and tasteful decoration in your home.

Actually, an elegant kitchen trolley can also bring you and your family a romantic sense of ceremony. Versatility and mobility make this stylish rolling cart attractive when entertaining guests, transporting food from the kitchen to the dining room or surprising someone with a lovely cake on some special dates.

The silver stainless steel countertop measures 107 x 46cm / 42 x 18” (L x W) can be a good display platform for a right-sized microwave oven, fruit bowl, appetiser, coffee maker, cup set, vase, etc., it can also be a small coffee/counter meal bar at teatime. The three small shelves can be used to lay goblets, spice jars, snack platters and so on. It can be an ideal kitchen storage solution, especially for people who pursue an exquisite life.


Friendly reminder: Maybe modern interior furnishings will pair better with this type of kitchen trolley. With such an elegant kitchen cart, it is recommended that you also hang some modern wall paintings or plant some gorgeous flowers like tulips and roses to decorate your dining room.


Need a space-saving cart and can be used for more than just the kitchen?

Description: Small-size, Lovely, Stylish, Versatile

This small-sized storage trolley (55 x 45 x 89cm/22 x 18 x 35” (L x W x H)), features a small slide-out drawer, two shelves and small open storage, is right for a narrow kitchen/dining room. Except for storing and organising your kitchen utensils, this adorable kitchen island cart can also be used in the living room, study, bedroom as a display cabinet to store some magazines, files, or display some flower vases, knickknacks and any other things you prefer.

In terms of the chic appearance and hammered white colour, you can also place it in the bathroom as a storage rack to organise your shampoo, body lotion, toiletry and so on.


Friendly reminder: Due to the low height of this small-sized kitchen cart, try to keep your little children away from it to avoid knocking off the bowls and dishes on the countertop.


Common questions

  1. Can I put a microwave oven on these kitchen carts?

According to the different sizes of kitchen prep trolley above, you can measure your microwave oven to see whether its size is appropriate.

  1. Can I put hot pans on this cart if you have hot pads or a trivet under it?

For the protection of the premium material and to make the cart more durable, I don’t recommend you to put the hot pan on the table. If you insist, you can put heat insulation between the table and the pan.

  1. Is it easy to instal?

Yes, just simple assembly is required. The kitchen island carts above come with step-by-step assembly instructions and numbered parts and hardware to make sure you can set up it without difficulties.



Overall, a clean and hygienic living environment is the goal we all pursue. I’m so delighted to share the methods of kitchen cleaning and organising with you, and I sincerely hope that the above content can help you.


Teat life with heart and life will embrace you as well.




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