Check out This Dewalt ToughSystem Mechanics Tool Set and Tool Box Bundle!


After we wrote about the new Craftsman VersaStack mechanics tool set, several readers emailed in and commented about a new Dewalt ToughSystem mechanics tool set. Thank you to everyone for the heads-up!

What we have here is a Dewalt mechanics tool set (DWMT45226H), and it’s packaged in custom trays that stack together neatly inside of a ToughSystem tool box.

The Dewalt tool set comes with 226 pieces, including 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ square drive ratchets and accessories, 6pt sockets, some wrenches, hex keys, screwdriver bits, and other odds and ends.

The Dewalt ratchets have 72 tooth ratcheting mechanisms, and the full-polish sockets have knurled “beauty rings” to reduce slippage when spinning them by hand.

Price: $229

Buy Now via Home Depot – Coming Holiday 2019?

Personally, I’d be willing to spend spend a little more for Dewalt’s ToughSystem drawer box. The 2-drawer unit started appearing last year, although I have yet to see it in person anywhere. Dewalt showed off a 3-drawer unit a few years ago at their last media event (August 2017).

But, stacking trays that fit inside a Dewalt ToughSystem tool box – included – seems like a better idea than blow molded cases or other plastic boxes that don’t allow for as much versatility.

Home Depot’s product description talks about 1/2″ drive impact sockets, but that appears to be an error.

From the images, I can’t see size markings in the plastic trays.

It’ll be interesting to see how much the set sells for come late November. I think that a $149 price tag would be very fitting, but that’s just a guess. Maybe $179? Previous holiday deals saw a 247pc set sell for $110 by itself, or bundled with a ~$25 accessory set for $173. I think that $149 would be a good guess. Less would be better, but I’m keeping in mind the $229 starting point.
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