Bored with Everyday Life? 5 Easy and Fun Ideas to Get Your Sparkle Back After 60


Most of us feel grateful. We’ve come far and lived long. Yet all of us are human. So even amidst all that gratitude, we can occasionally feel antsy. Restless. I daresay, bored. Although now in our 60s, we can morph into those blasé children we were when a summer day dragged on and on and on.

Maybe you’ve lost a bit of your sparkle? Misplaced your mojo? Replaced energy with ennui?

A week away works wonders. But if you can’t manage that, there are lots of other ways to bounce back when you’re feeling blah.

Here are 5 suggestions that might shake things up.

Restore Some Order

Order isn’t about downsizing or giving away all your earthly possessions. It’s about taking a hard look at a drawer, a closet, or any place in your home that’s bulging at the seams or just less than organized.

Our home environment is usually a reflection of our inner thoughts and feelings. So, if you find yourself tired of life as usual, sort through some possessions and let a few of them go.

Give new life to a cluttered space. Give your belongings room to breathe, and give yourself a chance to feel a little lighter.

Create Something

An art degree is not required for creativity to strike! You probably have what you need to release your inner artist (or you may stumble upon it as you declutter!).

Tubes of paint, paintbrushes, and a canvas; drawing pencils and a sketch pad; stacks of old magazines with pretty pictures; old photographs (digital or prints); fresh or dried flowers; blank paper and a pen; a camera; a musical instrument you know how to play; anything you use for crafting.

Let ordinary items like these speak to you. Then use them as you wish! Because creating doesn’t come with a rulebook. And because creativity is the opposite of boredom.

Hello, Color! Bye-Bye, Blues!

Color is Sparkle’s best friend. And there are countless ways to bring more color into everyday life.

Lipstick, nail polish, fun streaks in our hair. Pillow covers, sofa throws, new blooms in the window boxes. Scarves, funky jewelry, lively hats.

Place some pops of fun in some unexpected places. And while you’re at it, color outside the lines, too.

Go Outside and Play

As children, how many times did our parents urge us, “Go outside and play”? And how often was that just what we needed to relieve our boredom?

Spending time in nature quiets the chatter in our minds. We experience sights, sounds, fragrances and textures from beyond our four walls. Whether you take a long walk or sit quietly under a tree, the restorative power of natural surroundings will work its magic and re-energize you.

Have an Afternoon Adventure

Travel as an antidote to boredom is not new, even in our day and time. And there’s no law that says travel has to be exotic or require a huge amount of time. We can go a long way toward bringing the twinkle back to our eyes in an afternoon.

Browse the local bookstore. Visit the farmers’ market. Treat yourself to a solo date, whether that’s ice cream or an evening at the theatre.

Get a new haircut. Try a new recipe. Take the long way home.

Take a chance and travel beyond the day-to-day, just for an afternoon. See where that leads you.

If any of these suggestions sound superficial, that’s probably because they are. Because the path to reclaiming our joy, rediscovering what makes us shine, isn’t always forged by taking giant leaps. Usually we just need to take a few baby steps.

And as long as they put a spring in our step, we’re on our way to banishing the boredom of the everyday. One tube of vibrant lipstick at a time.

How do you re-energize when boredom strikes? What small things bring back your sparkle? Join the conversation and share with the community!