I decided to go back to near the beginning of my watercolor sketching course and make paint blobs and then try to turn them into things, kind of like finding shapes in clouds.The marks I made are kind of hard to see since I used a pencil but I think I like what I did. Now I have only one two-page spread to paint and the sketchbook will be finished. I've got one spread with brush marks on it that might need some birds or fish or even plants to jazz it up.

This afternoon I bundled up and went out to fill the bird feeders. The squirrels were quick to find the cob corn...

and the peanut wreath. I saw one of them pick up a fallen peanut and immediately bury it in the snow, not that there's much snow left. It's more some ice/snow hybrid with all of the warm days we've had. And it's supposed to be 40 and rainy on Wednesday. Crazy weather.

When my fingers thawed out I pulled out the Draw Squad book and drew the figures of the next lesson for today's drawing practice. I've noticed that I'm doing a bit less erasing these days which I take as a positive sign.


Today's gratitude journal page is a little sparse so I drew the pictures bigger but six things is an adequate number to be grateful for, I think.

I knitted on the Zauber sock this evening while watching TV and got to the heel. You can't really tell that I've started the heel but, I assure you, I have. I'm counting rounds and increasing stitches to make the Strong heel (Strong is the name of the lady who invented it, not that it's an extra-sturdy heel) which saves the whole picking up stitches and decreasing through the gusset of a "regular" heel. A part that I regularly screw up so I'm glad to have an alternative.

Today's toss was a Camembert that had passed its prime--in the fall of 2019. Got shoved in the back of the cheese drawer and forgotten. Buh-bye.

It was a beautiful sunny day today but frigid, only getting up to 12 degrees, so it was a chilly trip out to fill the feeders but I try to do it every weekend so that the birds and squirrels can rely on having something to eat.