Best Shoe Organizers For Small Spaces

Well be the first to admit to you that weadore shoes. We like browsing them, buying new ones, and wearing the perfect ones to complement our outfit. We just feel a lot more prepared for our day and ready to take on the world when we have a great pair of shoes on! As you can imagine, our shoe collection is large and impressive. Recently, however, we realized it was time to come to terms with the fact that its also kind of taking over our space. In fact, the closet is full and the shoes have started spilling out and needing to be lined up against the wall! Thats how we finally came to the decision of investing in a new shoe organizer. We didnt feel the need for anything particularly fancy; we just knew it was time for a better storage solution than what we had. As with any purchase, big or small, we decided to research our options as well as we could first, just to make sure that we make the right choice and spend our money on something that will actually provide us with what we need.

By the time we were finished looking up the options we thought were best, wed created quite the useful little list of quality models! We love looking through other peoples recommendations whenever were looking into buying something new, so we decided that sharing our own list would be a good thing to do on the off chance that it might help someone else out. Check out these 10 quality shoe organizers that we came across in our search!

1. Blissun Shoe Rack Shoe Storage Organizer

Blissun shoe rack shoe storage organizer

Have you actually been staring at your closet and wishing you had a whole second little closetjust for shoes? Well, if you happen to have some spare floorand wall space at once, there are actually shoe organizer out there that will make you feel just like you really do have a second closet! This design fromBlissun is the perfect example of what we mean. Its a little bit of a space commitment, of course, but this model is shallow enough in its depth to fit your shoes in well without jutting outtoo far into the room and we really appreciate that spatial consideration.

Naturally, the first thing that drew our attention to this piece was the fact that, although its built like a full closet, it features shelves all the way up its height instead of a rung at the top for hanging clothing. Sure, the shelves could be used to store other things too, but that just makes the piece an even more diverse investment. This fabric covered shelving unit is made from a durable plastic that keeps it from sagging with the weight of your shoes and the material that the covering itself is made from is also water proof, as well as being breathable and recyclable. We also appreciate the way the shelves can be covered by an unrolling piece for when you have company and want to make things look a little less scattered.

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2. Vailando Shoe Storage Organizer with Adjustable Dividers

Vailando shoe storage organizer with adjustable dividers

Are you feeling very into the idea of having a woven fabric organizer thats eco friendly and breathable but you just dont have the space for a whole free standing closet style organizer because you already have several sets of shelves set up or simply no free wall and floor space? Well, if you feel okay with the idea of storing your shoes in a slightly different position than the upright way youre probably used to setting them in your closet then perhaps youd get along a little better with these individual drawer style storage solutions offered byVailando.

These drawers come as a two-piece set, with 12 pairs of shoes fitting easily into each drawer; six along one side and six along the other. Each one features a durable handle on each of its long and short sides, letting you pull or slide the drawers out from wherever you set them with ease. Theyre well sized to fit on shelving units that have enough depth, but theyre also absolutely perfect for storing under the bed and taking advantage of that otherwise potentially unused space, without having to struggle much with getting them back out again when you need your shoes.

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3. Blissun Space Saving Shoe Rack

Blissun space saving shoe rack

Were you feeling rather intrigued indeed by the idea of setting up some kind of free standing shelf that will let you stack your shoes in pairs all up the wall but youre just not sure that the design you saw before that features a full covering is really necessary since your decor scheme is already practice and more minimalist anyways? Perhaps you just find the idea of a more bare-bones shelf slightly more practical because you know youll need access to the shoes you plan to put on that shelfall the time anyways. Either way, wed suggest giving this simple shoe shelf design fromBlissun some consideration!

Made from steel tubing, this shelf is specifically designed to be durable and weight bearing, letting you stack the shelves as you see fit with shoes without fear of the shelf collapsing or sagging to the side the more you stack. The shelf is also intended to be very easy in its setup process, coming with full instructions that show you how to get the job done without any tools or even an extra set of hands; its truly a one-person job! The tubes are a chic black so that they dont detract from your rooms style or decor.

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4. Simple Houseware Crystal Clear Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

Simplehouseware crystal clear over the door hanging shoe organizer

Do you live in a place thats very small indeed so youre just not sure that the larger, more structured organizers are going to work for you, but youre still convinced that a shoe organizer is the best option for decluttering and making the most of what space you have? Then we think you might get along a little better with and maybe get a real kick out of this space efficient show hanger design offered bySimple Houseware for avery reasonable price; its literally under $10!

Like the under-the-bed drawers design that we showed you earlier, this fabric and clear plastic hanger can store up to 24 pairs of small shoes or 12 pairs of larger shoes with one shoe in each pocket. Rather than taking up space on a shelf or under your bed, however, this one hangs on the back of your bedroom or closet door, taking good, convenient advantage of an otherwise unused space, which makes it feel like an actual storage solution. We love that the flexible plastic of the pockets actually protects your shoes from dust and moisture while the hanger keeps them up off the ground.

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5. Simple Houseware 4-Tier Shoe Rack

Simple houseware 4 tier shoe rack

Are you actually still thinking about how much you liked the standing shelf style shoe rack idea we showed you earlier on our list but youre just not sure you need one thats quite so tall? Well,we might have that many shoes, but we understand that not everyone has quite the multitude of pairs that we do! Thats why we were pleased to learn that theres a shorter version of the same idea offered bySimple Houseware.

Rather than standing nearly the entire height of your wall, this particular shelf is only four levels high, reaching about the half way point up the wall instead. Its a little more pricey than the super affordable hanging option you saw above, but its still on the impressive end of the scale, if you ask us! Part of the price is due to its durability; the racks frame is made from strong metal while the shelves are made from a washable fabric to help keep things supportive but light weight. Over all, the shelf can hold about 20 pairs of shoes, with each shelf capable of bearing a weight of around 30 lbs.

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6. IRIS USA, Inc. CNL-5 Storage Box

Iris usa, inc cnl 5 storage box

Have you always been more of a stacker than a shelf user, preferring to actually store things away more discreetly and less out in the open until you need them? Perhaps this is because youre very rigidly organized or even just because you like to rotate which pieces are accessible by season as the year goes on, just to keep things less cluttered. In either case, we think you might get along better with something like these clear five quart sized storage boxes fromIRIS USA, Inc! Theyre perfectly sized to fit most shoes and they stack solidly.

We love the idea of using clear tubs to store away things that you dont need this season because the plastic keeps them free of moisture and conveniently packed away, while the clear nature of the sides ensures that you can still see whats inside and find things easily if you suddenly do want to access something. These particular lids snap shit nice and easily but tightly, making them accessible to open when you want to but secure in the way they close and how solidly they stack.

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7. Harra Home Premium 3 Level Adjustable Shoe Slots Organizer

Harra home premium 3 level adjustable shoe slots organizer

Have you actually already got a decent amount of floor space at the bottom of your closet or perhaps a tall shelving unit youre happy using, but you also just cant help feeling like you want to organize your shoes even more efficientlywhile theyre stored in that particular space, just to make things fit a little better? Then were convinced that this next idea fromHarra Home is the one for you.

These impressively durable metal shoe slots are an awesome solution for making your shoes take up a lot less width as pairs, which in turn allows you to store more pairs next to each other. The top level of the slots are adjustable in terms of angle, letting you account for the size, style, and shape of each shoe so that they sit just right. This particular pack offers you a set of three, but theyre affordable enough to make buying multiple packs a reasonable option. We appreciate that the durable metal the slots are made of is heavy enough to stay grounded, level, and upright as you lift shoes off or place them on, so the dont to the side and knock the slots and shoes next to them for a domino effect that might send your shoes scattering across the floor os cascading off a shelf.

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8. Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves Closet Organizer

Whitmor hanging shoe shelves closet organizer

Did we really catch your attention with the idea of hanging shoe storage because you truly dont have any floor space left and you also know that an entire shelf isnt the right choice for you, but youre also not sure that hanging something so bulky on the back of your closet door is a good idea because the way its laid out limits how far the door has to swing? Well, if the closet happens to be large enough that you have some extra space along the hanging bar, then maybe youd get along a little better with something like this hanging fabric cubby rack fromWhitmor!

This hanging shelf, which is made from washable, eco friendly, and durable fabric can store about 30 pairs of shoes. The hooks on which its mounted are made from a metal thats designed to be weight bearing and the fabric and seams are tear resistant. This shelf isextremelyeasy to set up, take down, and move, and it hangs just as well on any rack as it would in a closet, which also makes it a good choice for the laundry room or pantry.

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9. Blissun Space Saving, Non-Woven Fabric Shoe Rack Tower

Blissun space saving, non woven fabric shoe rack tower

Were you actually a huge fan of the construction and materiality of the metal and fabric short shelf we showed you earlier but you actually have the wall space and full height to work with so you cant help wondering if theres a taller version of the same design out there so that you can store even more shoes that way too? Then we think youll appreciate this taller but similarly built design that Blissun has to offer!

Like the previous one of its kind, this taller version of the shelf comes with a strong metal constructed frame thats designed to be weight bearing and solid. The shelves where the shoes actually rest, however, are made of a washable and durable eco-friendly material thats held taught between the frame poles for a solid storage surface. Because the shelves are fabric and not also something more solid, however, the shelf itself is much easier to set up, break down, and move and then whole frame is also more light-weight, reducing its chances of collapsing or shifting under the weight of your shoes.

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10. SONGMICS Customizable Shoe Rack

Songmics customizable shoe rack

Have you actually been scrolling through our list but holding out a little bit with the hopes of coming across a design thats a little more customizable and unique looking? In that cause, we have a feeling this cubic frame shelf that can be put together in whatever stacked shape or configuration you please might be right up your alley! This option from SONGMICS is a bit more of an investment in terms or price, but it also gives you more creative control over shape and layout and lets you choose between black and white options.

In total, this shelf provides you with 32 storage cubes that are perfectly sized for storing shoes but might also be used to hold myriad other household items, like toys, linens, or clothing. Its built from a series of durable plastic panels that make up the sides of each cube, each connected with similarly strong plastic slotting connectors for maximum versatility when it comes to shape and stacking method. As you build the shelf up, the shape becomes stronger in its grid, making it properly weight bearing as you fill the cubbies.

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