Before and After Painted Floor Bedroom

Looking for a fun idea to freshen up a bedroom? This before and after painted floor bedroom is a great way to add a pop of pattern to a space.

Before and After Painted Floor Bedroom before

Do y’all remember what this bedroom looked like when we bought the house back?

Here’s a picture as a reminder.

The walls were painted SW Blonde (I know because I watched my mother paint them when I was in college).

There was a fireplace on one wall.

There was carpet on the floor.

There was a textured border at the top of the room with a piece of molding.

There was a cut-out in the wall (not really sure why this was there).

We made changes along the way. If you’ve followed the blog for more than five minutes you may have seen them. We painted the walls and painted the ceiling and took out the fireplace and the ceiling fan and pulled back the carpet and painted the floor a solid tan color.

It was all a quick fix until I could concentrate on the room and make it into the bedroom that would fill my heart so full of joy it would almost burst at the seams.

One day I knew it would happen.


Today is that day.

WAIT until you see what this room looks like NOW.

(Here’s a hint: the only thing in the space that’s the same is the bed.)

Before and After Painted Floor Bedroom before side view

Before and After Painted Floor Bedroom

Here’s one more side view of the room.

I wanted to show this picture so you could understand the layout of the room. It’s such a good room with tons of space.

But it’s awkward space.

It’s shaped like an L (or really in these pictures a backwards L). The top of L was functioning as a sitting room with a television and chairs. There was a large piece on this wall with bookshelves and drawers and television. At the bottom of the L is where the fireplace used to be and we had a bed on the back wall and a dresser at the very bottom of the L.

My goal?

I wanted to take out the sitting area and add a dressing area with additional closet space and an official dressing table and mirror. It took a little imagination and reworking a few things, but the dream is now a reality.

From this.

Before and After Painted Floor Bedroom after

Before and After Painted Floor Bedroom pillows

Before and After Painted Floor Bedroom wicker organizers

Before and After Painted Floor Bedroom dressing room

To this.


Just looking at these pictures made me so happy.

The space is so useable now.

Let me give you a 380-degree tour of the space.

Before and After Painted Floor Bedroom

This is the view of the room when you walk in the door.

This wall is where the fireplace used to be. I went ahead and added the picture in for reference and to give you the perspective.

The fireplace is long gone now, but the bed was originally on this wall. Now, there’s a pull-down desk  with a cabinet on top on that wall (the chair pulls over when you use the desk). There’s a smaller television inside that top cabinet. Right now you can see it when the cabinet doors are open, but I’m going to order a stand that pulls out so you could see it from the bed as well.

I’ve listed all the sources for everything at the end of the post.

If there’s something you have a question about that I missed, just let me know in the comments.

Before and After Painted Floor Bedroom side view

Before and After Painted Floor Bedroom make-up organizer

Before and After Painted Floor Bedroom dressing table and chair

If you stand on that wall and look back toward the door, you’ll see the new dressing area.

I ordered this dressing table that came with a mirror (that didn’t really work in this space). I took the mirror off the back of the piece and added the round mirror that was originally over our bed.

The dressing table is FULL of those drawer organizers that I love that keep everything in its place and a little vintage organizing on the top for make-up brushes and these wicker organizers with leather handles for cotton balls and q-tips.

There’s a leaning mirror against the wall that was originally dark brown, but it’s spray-painted white now to blend in with the walls.

These chairs are vintage and they used to be in my mother’s dining room here at the house.

Before and After Painted Floor Bedroom closet

Across from the dressing table, I added these super inexpensive closet units on the wall.

Here’s a glimpse inside to see how I organized everything. I organized the shelves inside the cabinets with these amazing sweater/top organizers.

I originally ordered large brass handles, but I returned them because the knobs just worked better.

And at the bottom of the L?

We have the bed.

It’s decked out in these new AMAZING American-made cotton sheets and beautiful duvet coverlet and quilt with Euro shams and new throw pillows and a giant down comforter.

There’s the best mattress topper and these amazing hotel pillows and it is literally the coziest bed we’ve ever had.

There are the prettiest new linen curtains at the window (you won’t believe the price).

With new gold curtain rods and clip-on brass curtain rings that close so easily now.

And the windows let the sunlight dance across the floor.

But my favorite thing about the room?

The thing that made the biggest change and opens up the space and makes the room feel even bigger and adds a layer of pattern to the room?

This painted floor.

It’s so pretty in real life. It’s hard to tell from the pictures the difference that it makes in the space, but when you are standing in the middle of the room it just feels so FRESH.

And it’s just regular old plywood subfloor that we painted.

The new rug on top of the painted floor has just the right amount of contrast with the floor to make it feel a little vintage.

I’m going to do an entire walkthrough of the space on Instagram stories and I’ll try and film a YouTube video. I think the room will make even more sense when you watch it through the eyes of the camera.

And now?

Let’s take one more look.

From this.


Here are all the sources for the room.

If I missed something, be sure and let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.

If you’ve made it to the end of this very long, picture intensive, before and after post?

I adore you.

Thank you for following along and let me know if you have any questions or there’s anything I can answer in the comments below.

We rock stars have to stick together. 🙂

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