Because it’s Beautiful

This one may be obvious, but I’m just gonna say it…

If you buy produce from the grocery stores, do yourself a favor. I mean, seriously, it takes 30 seconds, but I think it makes a huge difference.  

Before throwing your fruits and veggies into the fridge drawer or a basket on the counter…

Take the grocery store sticker off. 

You know what I mean, that insidious little plastic label with the bar code on it, that the grocery store sticks on produce…

Take it off when you unpack the groceries. Liberate those veggies from their little plastic label purgatory and let their beauty shine.

Maybe you’ll think it’s silly, but I bet if you do it for a few weeks and you’ll see the difference. Avocados will look charming.  Bananas will seem engaging.  And apples…  woah, watch out!

I don’t know, maybe we forget to appreciate food’s natural awesomeness sometimes.

And maybe they’re a little bit embarrassed with the sticker??  Kinda like walking around with the tag sticking out of your shirt?

All I’m saying is, try it for a month. I bet you never go back.


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