Beautiful Design Accents That Can Totally Change A Room

A space feels incomplete without those little details, the design accents which add character to spaces and tie together the big features. These differ from case to case. For example, you might choose to hang an oversized painting on your living room wall while someone else might prefer an eye-catching coffee table instead. Find more inspiring ideas below.

Paintings and wall art in general are excellent design accents. They can be used to introduce more color into a room, to make a space feel more personalized and also to fill an empty wall.

You can use mirrors the same way you would use paintings or framed pictures. Hang mirrors on walls to create the impression of a larger space or to emphasize certain design details.

Extend wall shelves around corners to create seamless transitions and to add more harmony to a space. This is also a really great way of making corners useful and of maximizing your storage space.

Hidden features are always cool, whether its a secret drawer on a desk or a cabinet, a secret door beneath the staircase or something else entirely. This vanity comes its own secret storage compartment and a built-in mirror with task lighting.

Accent lighting can change a space dramatically, even if were talking about soft and delicate LEDs which highlight the wall shelves. Their role is a decorative and modd-changing one.

Accent colors are important. Without them spaces would look too simple, even boring. Play with contrasting colors or nuances that complement one another and distribute them in a way that makes sense for your home.

Accent tables are the salt and pepper of interior design. They can take on various different roles and can even be combined with other furniture pieces in order to create custom layouts. For example, an accent table can serve as a quirky nightstand for the bedroom.

Tables with glass tops are pretty cool and interesting as well. A table with a glass top and a sculptural base that you can see from above can turn out to be a great focal point for the living room or in some cases the dining area.

Even large pieces of furniture can be great design accents. For example, a multifunctional bedroom unit which combines a bed, a desk and a good amount of storage in the form of shelves, drawers and cubbies would be amazing on its own.

Then of course theres also the accent wall which can change a room completely. There are numerous different ways to design an accent wall. A vibrant color would most often do the trick but you can also use wallpaper, murals and even play with different layers and materials.

A good-looking armchair can turn any room corner into an amazing nook. Pair it with an ottoman to maximize comfort and add a cute side table and a lamp to turn this space into the perfect reading nook.

Simple shelves can take on the role on a cabinet or in this case an entertainment unit. What makes these particular shelves special is their amazing wooden texture, the live edge and all the little imperfections.

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