‘Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.’ –Henry Ford

The original Model-T cars were all black, but it’s hard to imagine that lack of option would remain competitive today. And yet whenever we look at refrigerator and freezer boxes, they are almost always silver, specifically stainless steel.

Stainless steel has several advantages that make it favorable: Easy to keep clean, durable, and resistant to high temperatures. But are there possibilities of other materials that are comparable? And most importantly, NOT silver? Indeed, there are classic refrigerators that have been upgraded to look modern.

Let’s take a look at what else is on the market and determine if any of these selections compare. And if any of them have available options other than silver.
SMEG 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic photo: SMEG
These Smeg Retro style refrigerators are a part of the vintage fashion trend in appliances. They come in bold or pastel solid colors in the 1950’s icebox style that’s perfect for a kitschy kitchen. Smeg also offers these classic refrigerators with hinges on either side of the door. For those with braver interior design aesthetics, they also have a Union Jack flag design for a refrigerator.
WHIRLPOOL Sunset Bronze Collection photo: CNET
The Sunset Bronze collection from Whirlpool offers a metallic surface with a twist. If you like colored metals rose gold but want to avoid pinkish tones, this is an excellent alternative. The amber hue on this surface will add warmth to your kitchen, notably lighter and brighter spaces. This a different kind of neutral that will make many visitors take notice, even when this color is subtle. Although this option deviants away from other classic refrigerators, it changes the traditional stainless steel look.
BIG CHILL Classic Fridge photo: BIG CHILL
This looks like a high-end armoire, but this structure from Big Chill is actually a refrigerator. Big Chill presents this from their line called “Classic Fridge” and is an industrial icebox with metallic trims.  The nice part is that this refrigerator is very reminiscent of an Old West bank vault. This is the type and style of appliance that is going to be the centerpiece of your kitchen.
LG Smart wi-fi Enabled Instaview photo: LG
This LG Smart wi-fi Enabled Instaview refrigerator is the most high-tech designed appliance on the market. It has a see-through glass panel door, a water and ice dispenser on the other door and freezer drawers below. This time, the refrigerator is still stainless steel, except that it’s black stainless steel that looks more sophisticated. The LG Smart refrigerator can be the future of how appliances will function.
JENN-AIR French Door Panel Ready Refrigerator photo: Howards
This Jenn-Air refrigerator looks indistinguishable from a set of natural wood kitchen cabinets. Complete with French doors and drawer at the bottom, this is perfect if you want your appliance to blend in. However, you can twist things by making your refrigerator natural, and choosing metallics for other appliances in your design.  This refrigerator has an interior water dispenser to preserve the look of the exterior.
HEARTLAND Classic Collection photo: AjMadison
This two-tone cranberry and pewter refrigerator comes from Heartland would be a striking piece in your kitchen. The look feels like it plays on the two-tone cabinet trend happening in kitchen design right now. It has a little bit of stainless steel without reading like a silver metal block that you see in every other refrigerator. Heartland also offers different color options like cobalt blue, black, ivory, and vintage white.
NORTHSTAR Model 1950 photo: Elmira Stone Works
Northstar is not subtle when they called this refrigerator model, “Model 1950.” This bright candy apple red icebox is reminiscent of diners from that era and even Coca-Cola vending machines. The site, Elmira Stoveworks, also lists other appliances in the same color if you want to coordinate your kitchen. Their most unusual offering: their Keg Fridge that dispenses beer on tap in this same bright red color.
VIKING 5 Series photo: Gerhard’s Appliances
Viking has this high-end refrigerator in a bold cobalt blue with a bottom drawer freezer. The refrigerator has precise temperature controls, LED lights, and glass shelves are designed to contain spills. There is even a drawer that allows you to adjust temperature and moisture even further for vegetables. This refrigerator comes in six other colors, including apple red, burgundy, and graphite gray.

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