98 Interesting Comparison Images That Will Give You A New Perspective (New Pics)

Perspective changes everything. Take a particular object, put it in a specific time and place, and you see how it differs compared with an almost identical one. And since such an experiment would probably be slightly too elaborate for real life, Bored Panda has compiled this entertaining collection of the most surprising comparisons.

From comparing a chimpanzee fingertip with a human fingertip to photos of a man before and after walking across China for the whole year, these are side-by-side shots that show the weird and the wonderful side of the world we live in. So pull your chair closer, get your popcorn ready and tune in for the list that puts a spin on the good old “spot the difference” game.

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#1 Canadian Passport vs. Canadian Passport Under A Black Light

Image credits: AnyoneButDoug

#2 On The Left Is My Grandmother Holding My Dad And The Right Is Me Holding My Son, Taken Exactly 63 Years Apart

Genetics is so cool, my parents always told me I looked like my dad's mom but I never got to meet her before she passed away. 

Image credits: nancyxxu

#3 Before And After Of A Man Who Walked Across China For A Year

Image credits: Christoph Rehage

#4 From 2.5 Months To Nearly 2 Years

Image credits: vladgrinch

#5 Anime vs. Reality

Image credits: zixyon

#6 The Weather In The Netherlands Today

Image credits: worstenbroodjee

#7 Head Size Difference Between A Man And An Adult Cane Corso

Image credits: Unicornglitteryblood

#8 6 Years Ago Today I Had A Surgery To Straighten Up My Spine, This Is The Before/After Result. I Gained 5cm With The Process

Image credits: BiblicalNuisance

#9 This Comically Huge Strawberry That I Purchased From The Grocery Store Today vs. Hand

Image credits: MarcDeMaco420

#10 Lost 200 Pounds In A Year. 360 Lbs vs. 160 Lbs

Image credits: FoxyRadical2

#11 Chimpanzee Fingertip vs. Human Fingertip

Image credits: jar_leto_jesen_zima

#12 Me And My Dad. 1982 And 2021. Both Age 20, 39 Years Apart

Image credits: IneedThepiano

#13 Same Waterfall, 3 Seasons. Skógafoss, Iceland

Image credits: h0rdur

#14 Example Of Class Disparity In South Africa

Image credits: 5upple

#15 How Titanium Gets Color With Different Voltages

Image credits: BlackUnicornGaming

#16 First Day Of Chemo vs. Last

Image credits: Amber35

#17 Chichen Itza When It Was Discovered In 1892 vs. Present-Day

Image credits: BiggelsonWiggelson

#18 This Weird Lemon That Grew On Our Lemon Tree. Normal Lemon For Comparison

Image credits: phantomplayerone

#19 My 16-Years-Old vs. 24-Years-Old SFX Makeup Growth

Image credits: blizzard3280

#20 Lara Croft Progression - 1996 To 2018

Image credits: halloweencostumes.com

#21 This 'Mini' Evolution I Saw In London

Image credits: young-litty

#22 I Inherited This Small Gap Between My Middle And Ring Finger From My Dad. Both Hands Are Like This

Image credits: coldchili17

#23 Never Thought I’d Be Able To Use My Hand Again. Shout Out To The Surgeon And Therapist

Image credits: MarkMayzArt

#24 You Can See The Evolution Of My Knitting Skills On My First Ever Project

Image credits: thereasonablecatlady

#25 Biggest Pizza That Can Be Ordered In US

Image credits: DESTROYER575

#26 I Just Want A Bigger Pocket Please, Is That Too Much To Ask For? Sincerely, Women Everywhere

Image credits: Wonder0486

#27 Tiny Cute Rabbit Compared To A Palm

Image credits: need4s33d

#28 Different Size Of 1oz Bars Of Pure Metals: Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Nickel, Silver, Gold

Image credits: one_is_enough

#29 Becoming Mothers Together

Image credits: mamamaners

#30 The Size Of A Fiber Optic Wire Capable Of Supplying A Home With High Speed Internet. Hand For Scale

Image credits: sippen730

#31 This Is What 6 Years Of Practice Looks Like - My Art In 2015 vs. 2021

Image credits: aitheos

#32 Perspective Size Of The Humpback Whale

Image credits: edgar_pacific_photography

#33 Yesterday I Took My Grandmother On Her First Bike Ride In 59 Years, I Need A New Word For Awesome

Image credits: f0rtune

#34 This Guinea Pig Is An Absolute Unit Compared To A Human

Image credits: Sensiblyinteresting

#35 I’ve Finally Recreated It

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 Age 12 vs. 16 - My Drawing Progress

Image credits: anna_ravn

#37 8 Weeks vs. 8 Months

Image credits: wilkray

#38 The Same Color Liquid In Different Colored Buckets Makes For An Interesting Comparison

Image credits: bipnoodooshup

#39 This Cicada On My Cicada Tattoo

Image credits: thisismyttcacct

#40 New vs. Used Electrodes For My Pool Ionizer

Image credits: DrCapeBreton

#41 Before And After Of My 8-Year Project (1972 Datsun 240z Restomod)

Image credits: Henness0666

#42 We Ordered A Pound Of Carrots. We Got A Pound Of Carrot. Bottle For Scale

Image credits: circusboy

#43 All The Weathers

Image credits: jxeker

#44 This Is What 5oz (Standard Wine Glass Size) Looks Like In Different Wine Glasses

Image credits: just_add

#45 In Old Euro Coins The Borders Of Countries Were Drawn. Not Anymore. (The Left One Is From 2009, The Right One From 1999)

Image credits: RafaelAmeyalli

#46 Adorable Meetings

Image credits: throatgoatlisa

#47 My Flatmate And I Took Nearly The Same Photo Walking Home At Different Times

Image credits: hipdipflip

#48 This Rat Sized Moth Found In A School Construction Site In Australia

Image credits: quince6

#49 My Sister: "You Can Do The Half-Marathon With Me! Trust Me, It's Not That Bad." My Sister vs. Me

Image credits: Tina_R_Belcher

#50 Unintentionally Left Beets To Over Winter In The Garden. Chicken For Scale

Image credits: AluminumFoilHats

#51 Me And My Girlfriend When We First Met vs. Now. The Regretful Emo Phase

Image credits: VinnySanchez

#52 The Difference In Me And My Twin's Skin Color. He Goes Outside, I Don't

Image credits: anthonyjanthonysmith

#53 Left - 1980 Toyota Pickup. 40 Years Later A Toyota Pickup. Both 1/2 Ton Trucks

Image credits: alanmcgeeny

#54 I Bought My First Bike One Year Ago Today

Image credits: midwestasallheck

#55 Real vs. Fake $50 We Recieved At Work The Other Day

Image credits: punkswamp

#56 Giant Blueberry Compared To A Coin

Image credits: Slippedlion1792

#57 My Mom’s Handwriting Before And After Her Stroke

Image credits: grannygogo

#58 A Street Lamp Fell Over Into The Snow Outside My Apartment. Turns Out They’re Massive - My Hand For Scale

Image credits: Pusheenthestudent

#59 Both Of My Lights Burnt Out - One Turned White While The Other Turned Black

Image credits: YetiPie

#60 Minazo, The Southern Elephant Seal, Standing Next To A Human Makes Him Look Very Tiny

Image credits: hanedahanna.org

#61 Bald Eagles Are Huge Compared To A Human

Image credits: erikpetersenphoto

#62 Before And After Being Told She's A Good Girl

Image credits: euratowel

#63 1930’s Parquet Flooring Restored Today. Before And After Comparison

Image credits: Fallinator95

#64 A New Pair Of Shoes Wasn't In The Budget But A Black Sharpie Was (Left- Sharpie, Right- Sun Faded Black)

Image credits: longblondedreads

#65 My Parents Have The Evolution Of Cellphones In Their Kitchen Drawer

Image credits: MTLMack

#66 I've Been Documenting The Natural Decay In This Small Abandoned Church Since 2012

Image credits: Freaktography

#67 Difference In Drinking Pace

Image credits: DevilsAddendum

#68 Hummingbird Eggs And Nest. Key For Scale

Image credits: CallieJacobsFoster

#69 I Took A Photo From The Same Spot In All 4 Seasons

Image credits: gummibearhawk

#70 Large Worm We Saw This Morning (6-Year-Old's Hand For Scale)

Image credits: middleofthemgmt

#71 Bottom Of An Unearthed Tree After A Storm, I Am 6’4 For Reference

Image credits: DatsARoast

#72 These Old Pre-Soviet Banknotes. Hand For Scale

Image credits: Sebzillax

#73 Same Size, Climbing vs. Hiking Shoes

Image credits: yoshiplace

#74 Size Of Orangutan Compared To A Human

Image credits: staidplub

#75 Before And After Of My DIY Driveway. I Made The Paving Stones And The Driveway

Image credits: jugglefire

#76 Two Cans Of The Same Tomato Soup From The Same Store. One A Product Of Canada, The Other A Product Of USA

Image credits: homer1948

#77 Night Of A Perfect Contrasts

Image credits: Homerchick

#78 The Contrast Of This Metro Station In Istanbul

Image credits: Lefteyeblind

#79 Cheers To 2 Years Of Health! 100 Lbs Lost And Maintained For A Year

Image credits: complicated_wreck

#80 The Size Of This Carrot. Cat For Scale

Image credits: haimeows

#81 I Shaved My Beard

Image credits: sifacus

#82 The Sheer Number Of Colors That My Carrots Came In

Image credits: MosesAndSandyKoufax

#83 Airsoft Gun (Left) vs. Real Gun (Right)

Image credits: AmberRosin

#84 My Husband And I Bought The Exact Same Shoes, And Mine Are Small Enough To Fit All The Way Inside His

Image credits: clemonade17

#85 Before And After I Asked Her If She Knew How Cute She Was

Image credits: xenomo_

#86 My Parents Got This Spray Bottle Of Windex In 1979 And Have Been Reusing It Ever Since. New Bottle For Comparison

Image credits: pandasweatshirt

#87 My First-Ever House Plant Just Turned 5

Image credits: pokemon-collector

#88 One Of My Chickens Laid A Spherical Egg. Normal Egg For Comparison

Image credits: KittyTier

#89 My House, Late 1800's vs. Today

Image credits: knotty2037

#90 All The Different Flavors Of Sunset I Get Out My Apartment Window

Image credits: SpencerKayR

#91 My Cat Looks Kinda Like An Owl

Image credits: DField118

#92 Mom Cleaned Out Her Pantry Cabinet And Found Four Generations Of Wyler’s Beef Cubes. Oldest One Expired 2/14/1989

Image credits: NettleFire

#93 I Found A Bunch Of Rocks On A Beach And Organized Them By Color

Image credits: CameronClarkFilm

#94 A Mega-Sized Lemon From My Lemon Tree. Mandarin Orange For Scale

Image credits: SSJGoKeN

#95 1st Picture Was The Peak Of My Depression. 2nd Is A Recent One After Almost An Year Of Medication And Self Care

Image credits: whostolemyserotonin

#96 1st Picture Was The Peak Of My Opiate Addiction. 2nd Is A Recent Of One Of Me Healthy And Sober

Image credits: iamananimal28

#97 Huge Xanadu I Spotted While Walking In Rome (Italy). Lady Who Takes Care Of It For Scale. The Plant Is More Than 20 Years Old, Survived Freezing Temperatures And Snow

Image credits: thoxo

#98 9-Month-Old Maine Coon vs. 9-Year-Old Niece

Image credits: AFeast