83 Unnecessary Packaging Fails This Online Group Had To Share

Packaging, packaging, PACKAGING! Ugh, it gets on our nerves so much when companies use far too much packaging for their products. ‘Excessive’ doesn’t even cut it when you look at all the plastic, paper, and bubble wrap needed for a single tiny thing. Meanwhile, the Environment’s sitting in the corner, weeping, wondering what it did wrong to deserve this and why companies don’t change their outdated business models.

Some packaging is so horrifyingly unnecessary, it gets shamed on the r/EgregiousPackaging subreddit, a place that shows that excess is far from the positive thing that some customers are led to believe. Scroll down to see the very worst offenders and let us know in the comments what the very worst example was that you’ve seen with your own two eyes, Pandas.

When you’re done with this list, you can find more fuel for your outrage by reading these two Bored Panda articles about excessive packaging right here, as well as here.

#1 Plastic Packaging For A Cd Disk......but Without A Cd Disk In It

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#2 Sephora At It Again For A .05oz Concealer

Image credits: OldTownChode

#3 Just Why?

Image credits: wackodindon

The r/EgregiousPackaging online community is fairly new. Founded in early 2019, it will be celebrating its 3rd birthday on January 16, 2022. In that time, the group has grown to 16.3k. 

A while back, I spoke to four experts about packaging, plastic, business, and recycling. They went in-depth with Bored Panda about the reasons why companies actually focus on having more packaging than we might think is necessary, and highlighted what we as consumers can do to affect their decision-making process.

Graham Forbes, Greenpeace's Global Project Leader for the Plastic-Free-Future, told Bored Panda that companies have convinced people that they can use something once, for a few minutes, and then simply throw it away. “The problem is, we know now that there is no such thing as ‘away,’” he said.

#4 Peeled Avocados Wrapped In Plastic

Image credits: averhaegen

#5 Soda Cans Are Very Fragile

Image credits: cheeseball359

#6 I Bought A Nail File...

Image credits: mobydick1990

“Less than 10 percent of the plastic waste ever made has actually been recycled, with the vast majority ending up in our oceans, landfills, or incinerated—polluting communities around the globe,” Forbes, from Greenpeace, warned.

“Companies are still stuck in this outdated business model that uses unnecessary packaging and puts the onus on the consumer to clean it up. It is up to all of us to demand accountability from these companies that continue to churn out throwaway plastic. It's time to demand systems of reuse rather than polluting throwaway packaging,” he said.

#7 Chocolate Air

Image credits: Ima_Funt_Case

#8 Individually Packaged Slice Of Bread

Image credits: boci7

#9 Individually Wrapped Jellybeans

Image credits: Kevin_Elevin

“By utilizing reusable bottles, bags, or containers, we can start to build the systems that we want to see from large companies. Ultimately, large-scale systemic change will depend on companies like Nestle, Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo changing their business models to reject throwaway plastic packaging. By rejecting throwaway culture, we can move them in a better direction quickly,” Forbes explained to Bored Panda.

Meanwhile, Kara Pochiro from the Association of Plastic Recyclers noted that “packaging often has a variety of uses that the general consumer does not realize such as protection and preservation.” In short, there are clear reasons why companies add a lot of packaging that we might find egregiously excessive. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t change how companies operate. By changing our spending habits, we can affect the business models that corporations go for.

#10 Matryoshka Allergy Relief

Image credits: Bertram_Chillfoyle

#11 Ordered Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes From A Zero Waste Store - Came In 100% Non-Degradable Bubble Wrap And Plastic Bags

Image credits: jazz_man

#12 [screw] Drinking Straws - This Is The Kind Of Plastic Use We Should Be Protesting

Image credits: DrunkenStapler

“If consumers purchase products and packaging made with recycled content, this will encourage companies to use more recycled content, can boost demand for that material, and increase recycling rates,” Pochiro said.

“Consumers play a big role in the success of recycling programs. They need to recycle and buy products and packaging made with recycled content.”

#13 Why Would You Even Do That

Image credits: bigosik_

#14 Hi Y'all, Im A Designer At Tic-Tac. Hope You Enjoy Our Newest Optimized Design For Tic-Tacs!

Image credits: pokefinder2

#15 Disposable Phone Chargers

Image credits: cunt_in_a_toupee

The CEO of Plastics for Change, Andrew Almack highlighted the fact that getting rid of plastics in packaging would require a lot of effort on the part of companies.

“Removing unnecessary plastic requires companies to redefine their supply chain. They have to do RnD while keeping in mind challenges like the visual appeal of product packaging, the durability of alternatives, sustained supply of alternatives, costing, and manufacturing,” he told Bored Panda that this may be part of the reason why some companies don’t make the switch.

#16 My Father Ordered 15 Fence Posts… Legends Tell Of A Second Truck, Out There Somewhere Going To Deliver The Last One

Image credits: Never_Lawfulness

#17 Individually Wrapped Vegetables In A Vietnamese Supermarket

Image credits: Spencerzone

#18 Chipotle's "Fruit Cup"

Image credits: snackassassins

“It is important for customers to purchase and use products made by businesses that focus on sustainability. When people start buying from eco-friendly businesses, the demand for such goods would increase and ignite other players to cater to this trend which could be done by a simple change in current company policies,” Almack said that customers can be a force for change.

“Being more conscious about our throwaway culture is where one should surely start. Simple changes to eliminate single-use plastic go a long way: avoid gum and plasticware, reuse storage containers and use razors with replaceable blades,” Almack explained what we can do as individuals to help the environment. Every small bit of effort matters, even if it’s the large multinational companies who hold most of the power to affect change.

#19 So I Only Get This Much Actual Cream? Wtf

Image credits: Youknowh0

#20 Really… Amazon…

Image credits: EyeMucus

#21 Not Only Is It Egregious, But It's Infuriating

Image credits: LosPenguiinos

A spokesperson from the Alliance to End Plastic Waste stressed the fact that plastic waste is harming our environment and that change needs to happen.

“Everyone agrees: plastic waste does not belong in our oceans, or anywhere in the environment. And despite the many benefits of plastic to health, safety, sustainability, and convenience, plastic waste has become a challenge in parts of the world because it is not managed properly,” they said in an interview with Bored Panda.

#22 My Friend Ordered Earrings From Fabfitfun. Just Earrings

Image credits: UCantHaveNEPudding

#23 I Find This Disgusting, Lazy, And So Damn Harmful To Both The Environment And The Consumer's Psyche...

Image credits: DKCD

#24 Must Have Been Out Of Envelopes

Image credits: mhenning

“To help address the challenge in a globally coordinated and transformative way, over 40 companies around the world, from across the plastics value chain—companies that make, use, sell, process, collect and recycle plastics—have joined together with a clear mission: to help end plastic waste in the environment,” they said that some companies do focus on helping the environment. Not everyone’s a villain when it comes to packaging—some choose to be superheroes.

#25 Really Glad My Made From Recycled Materials & Biodegradable Sponges Came Wrapped Together And Individually In Plastic

Image credits: l1ttle_m0nst3r

#26 An Office Supply Company Bubble-Wrapped Their Bubble Wrap

Image credits: bearmom513

#27 Buddy Bought Two Mini Cast Irons From Amazon

Image credits: Tokin_Bs

“The Alliance to End Plastic Waste has pledged 1.5 billion dollars over the next five years to develop, accelerate and bring to scale solutions to minimize and manage plastic waste, catalyze investment, engage communities and promote solutions including reducing, reusing, recovering, and recycling materials. Alliance efforts will be implemented in a coordinated way with support and resources from both the public and private sectors, facilitating comprehensive, meaningful, and lasting change that will help end plastic waste in the environment.”

#28 Just... Why?

Image credits: ryanmacbern

#29 Not Sure If This Counts, But This Is For Only Three Things At CVS

Image credits: michael_kessell2018

#30 Tiny Little Amount Of Eyeliner In A Huge Plastic Container

Image credits: l1ttle_m0nst3r

#31 Ordered 27 Books From Amazon On A Single Order. Got 27 Boxes With 1 Book Each Delivered

Image credits: noosette

#32 Because Mascara Is Fragile. Thanks Sephora!

Image credits: shirumb

#33 This Tea That I Got For Christmas...

Image credits: kitimiti

#34 I Think Amazon Is Running Out Of Boxes...

Image credits: scabies89

#35 Old Insurance Only Covered My Birth Control If I Went Through Mail-Order. Switching Back To Pick UPS With My New Insurance Was The Best Feeling. Product Is The Small Blue-Ish Thing Center Bottom

Image credits: suitelifeofem

#36 Delivery Of 5 Screwdrivers From Digi-Key...

Image credits: steveabraham

#37 If Only Shallots Had Natural Layers Of Protection From Their Environment. Thanks, Walmart And Suppliers

Image credits: vlgpyro

#38 There Was Nothing In This Box But A Card And Packing Material

Image credits: magenta_zero

#39 Individually-Wrapped Bread Slices

Image credits: schematicboy

#40 Hopefully 2020 Brings Less Of This

Image credits: ThyfaultTime

#41 This 0.7 Ml Dogs' Anti-Flea And Anti-Tick Drops Straight Out Of The Box

Image credits: MajorPancernik

#42 Thanks For Packaging The Spare Part, Gopro

Image credits: namiiiiii

#43 When You Run Out Of Small Boxes At The Package Station But If You Go Get More You’re Pack Rate Percentage Will Go Into The Yellow

Image credits: stoner_97

#44 Hypocrites At Sobeys Grocery Store In Halifax Ns

Image credits: houseoffools11

#45 Big Box For A Small Bottle With Only Enough Pills To Fill The Cap. Lame

Image credits: FriedChildren

#46 Individually Wrapped Jelly Beans

Image credits: Draco9099

#47 This Is Saddening

Image credits: Bengi720

#48 Individually Shrink Wrapped Apples

Image credits: bellerawr

#49 Guess Whole Foods Thought They Could Improve Upon The Corn Husk

Image credits: theworldisyours94

#50 My Workplace Has Four-Packs Of Tic-Tacs In The Snack Drawer

Image credits: elpasi

#51 I Work At A Starbucks Inside Target. These Are The Packages We Receive For Signage Updates- The Smaller Ones On The Bottom Are All We Actually Needed

Image credits: iamleventhumps

#52 First Time Seeing This For Myself. Can’t Believe People Out There Really Thought This Was A Good Idea

Image credits: invertabrate96

#53 It's The Only Way To Ship A Yardstick

Image credits: parawing742

#54 Well, This Is A First For Me

Image credits: caxaxanna

#55 Not Only Do I Have To Open A Single Packet Everyday For My Meds, But They Know I Have A Disability Where My Joints Dislocate Very Easily...

Image credits: bunnyfloofington

#56 Technically Correct!

Image credits: OklahomaMeat

#57 We Ordered 3 Mio Drink Flavors, They Came In 3 Packages Like This

Image credits: Aethermancer

#58 Thanks, Respro, For Safely Delivering My... Bandana

Image credits: reddit.com

#59 I Received A Complimentary Bathtub With My Face Brush From Costco

Image credits: Moist_Pizza

#60 I’m Glad There’s Not Filler But Our Cat’s Medicine Arrived In A Comically Large Box

Image credits: aquagreed

#61 All This To Ship That Small Little Plastic Bag On The Right

Image credits: roobeast

#62 Taking It To The Proper Place

Image credits: Nile-green

#63 The Place I Work At Just Got Individually Wrapped Packages Of Individually Wrapped M&m’s

Image credits: EcksDeeeeeeeeeeeeee

#64 Ordered A Tube Of Thermal Paste

Image credits: Buge_

#65 How They Sell Bananas In Japan. Bonus: If You Don't Explicitly Decline, The Cashier Will Give You Another Bag For The Banana

Image credits: JohnnyPopcorn

#66 Individually Wrapped Peppers. Wtf

Image credits: Myturtlegideon

#67 The Hotel I’m Staying At Has Individual Plastic Packaging For Each Plastic Cup

Image credits: Joma1009

#68 Bought A Bigger Pack Of Buenos. Only To Find Out It’s Only Two Smaller Packs Of Them. Only To Find Out They’re Then Individually Wrapped

Image credits: MountainLine

#69 All Of This For A Keyboard, That For Some Reason Shipped Separately From The Laptop

Image credits: windirfull

#70 Would You Look At That

Image credits: rigbed

#71 Ordered 150 Washers. This Is How They Were Packaged

Image credits: CoolBeansCook

#72 For Crying Out Loud...

Image credits: TheBlueJacket1

#73 I’m Here Trying To Be Better For The Earth, But These Vegan Patties Have This Egregious Plastic Tray

Image credits: EduKehakettu

#74 Three Layers...

Image credits: Hydrated_Lemon8381

#75 Sliced Onion In Plastic Packaging

Image credits: Joma1009

#76 Why Is There So Much Packaging For A Single Claritin? Isn't This Wasteful?

Image credits: hmmm_ohhhhh

#77 Plastic Waste. Ordered 100 Sump Plug Washers And They All Came Individually Bagged In Bags That Are Far Bigger Than Is Necessary

Image credits: bladerunners71

#78 Amazon Packs My $300 Ssd In A Non-Padded Bag. My Weed Dude On The Other Hand...

Image credits: NovaForceElite

#79 Anyone Else Feel Like Our Packaging Is Wasteful For A Lot Of Our Products?

Image credits: Call_Me_MeiB

#80 Was Told To Cross Post This Here. Single Serving Ritz Found In One Of My Office’s Kitchen Cabinets

Image credits: jones1133

#81 Ordered 5 Bottles Of Hair Spray At The Same Time. Came In 5 Separate Boxes On The Same Day All With It's Own Wrapping

Image credits: magnoliasmanor

#82 This Is How They Send My Contacts. Every. Year

Image credits: 42penguinsinarow

#83 Probably Been Posted, I'm New But This Packaging On What Is Normally Sold Loose

Image credits: JediKnightaa