7 Simple Life Hacks to “Spring Clean” Your Health


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Have you considered that perhaps you need to “Spring clean” your health? After a long winter, people all around the world engage in the ritual of spring cleaning to prepare for a fresh season. That term is often associated with the clearing out of physical spaces—ridding our homes and lives of objects that no longer serve us—but even more important is the time we spend spring cleaning our physical and emotional health.

As we watch the world wake and begin to blossom and stretch itself into a new season, we should remind ourselves to look inward at what may need clearing, so that we, too, can grow more fully into an evolved version of ourselves.

Rather than focusing on what needs weeding, I’d like to invite you instead to ask yourself what’s working, and what new habits can you bring to your life that will help you stretch further toward the sun?

To help you get started, here are some of the rituals that have inspired growth both in my own life and my clients’.

1. Start Re-Investing 1% of the Day On You

When considering your everyday routine, it’s important to not try to change everything at once because that can quickly lead to overwhelm. You also don’t want to take on more than is reasonable and set yourself up for failure. Take a step back, assess what positive improvements you’d like to bring into your life, and start with something small.

Try to find 15 minutes for yourself every day to practice self-care. Fifteen minutes is only 1% of your day—if you use that 1% in an effective way, you’ll soon see that little changes can add up to make a big impact. When you begin to notice a positive change from that 1%, you may realize how helpful and easy it could be to spend even more time on your health.

Here are a few ideas for how you could spend your 1%:

  • Meditation and/or yoga
  • A walk or jog around the block
  • Listening to music or affirming audio programs that soothes you
  • Reading a book
  • A light workout in the morning before you shower consisting of squats, pushups, situps, etc.
  • Writing, Journaling or Drawing

2. Wake Up to Good Intentions

Every morning presents an opportunity for a brand-new start, and you should make the most of it.

Detach yourself from the previous day and take a little time (maybe even just those 15 minutes) to focus on the promise of the new day and all of the opportunities surrounding you. When the alarm goes off, I take a few minutes as I lie in my bed to think about the good things I have going for me, how I can use this new day as a new beginning undefined by the past, and the clean slate that is presented to me on this specific day.

Every morning can be the beginning of something wonderful if you let it, so make sure you take the time to start fresh. You owe it to yourself! And the world needs it too.

3. Take Advantage of Your Commute

As a New Yorker living in the city, I try to make the most of my daily commute. I’ve found a way to turn my morning commute into a time when I can connect with humanity and shift my mindset to one of love and compassion.

It’s simple: I like to intentionally send positive thoughts to the people around me. I try to notice interesting and uniquely attractive things about them. I also like to remind myself that the people walking by me have an entire life story that I may be able to relate to on an existential level. This makes me feel connected.

These simple exercises allow me to shift any negative thoughts into positive ones, and to distract myself from any stress or anxiety I may be feeling. Once I arrive at my destination, this positivity naturally flows into the rest of my day and uplifts my energy and mood.

4. Spend the Evening On You

Every evening, you can cleanse your mind and prepare yourself for rest. Try not to drag baggage from the day into your evening once you arrive at home, and especially as you wind down.

Find activities that help you feel less tense and allow you to escape from the busy day. Meditation, yoga, cooking, hanging out with friends, and generally spending time on things you enjoy can all serve as great antidotes to the more intense moments you may experience in the run of a day, and they will all help you to feel refreshed by the time that alarm rings the next morning.

5. Find a Mantra

Using a personal mantra can be an effective way not only to keep you on track with your goals, but to help see you through difficult times. If you’re entering a time of “spring cleaning” and want to address anything that might be plaguing you, a positive phrase can have a tremendous impact on your journey.

Here are a few of my favorite mantras:

  • Life starts now.
  • Life flows through me in this moment, and in each moment.
  • Everything I need already exists within me at any given moment.
  • Each moment holds the possibility of so many new possibilities.

Find a mantra that speaks to you and use it to inspire extra motivation when you need it.

6. Declutter Your Personal Space

Physical space allows room for mental space, so decluttering your personal space can serve as a symbolic way to rid your mind of negative thoughts. A clean work environment can even lead to higher productivity and morale while at your desk.

Start in one corner of one room—or a single drawer—and begin to declutter piece by piece. Before you know it, your newly cleansed and transformed physical space may just manifest in other ways.

Try the Marie Kondo approach and with each object you come across, ask yourself honestly: “Does this Spark Joy?” If it doesn’t, then thank it for its service and let it go.

7. Give Back to Others

The act of giving is a beautiful way to promote the flow of positive energy through this world, whether it be a tangible object, a monetary donation, your time, or your positive energy. Whenever I am having a hard time letting go of something that I know serves no significant function in my life, I ask myself: Why cling to something I don’t need when it could flow through someone else’s life? Your donation aligns with and maintains the flow of the universe.

The act of giving not only uplifts others, but you as well, because giving simply feels good. And an added bonus is that your generosity of spirit will more than likely someone else to do the same.

Let Spring Cleaning Be Energizing

Sometimes the biggest change stems from the simplest act. Remind yourself of this if you ever begin to feel overwhelmed by the task of examining your mental and physical health. You don’t have to take on a momentous lifestyle change—just focus on one thing at a time, because even one seemingly small thing can have a hugely positive impact.

In fact, you’ve already taken the first step. Even by reading this article and showing interest in the possibility of living a happier, healthier, more energized life, you’re on your way to refreshing and uplifting your body, mind, and spirit.

About the Author

Dr. Logan Jones is a Psychologist and Founder of NYC Therapy + Wellness.

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