54 Pedestal Sinks To Streamline Your Bathroom Design

Pedestal sinks fit an important niche in bathroom design and the options are now more diverse and exciting than ever. Traditional pedestal sinks contribute a charming classic look, fantastic for period homes. Their petite footprints can make a compact bathroom feel larger and brighter. On the modern side, innovative designers are creating dramatic pedestal sinks, their sculptural forms lending tremendous visual impact even in the most luxurious bathroom. In this post, weve gathered a list of distinctive pedestal sinks for every style and every budget, each one conveniently available for sale online.

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Round White Pedestal Sink: Streamlined modern styling has beautifully redefined the humble pedestal sink. This minimalistic design is smooth and streamlined, finished in high gloss all over to create a radiant first impression.

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Contemporary Pedestal Sink: High-gloss sinks with minimalist lines are especially easy to clean, forgoing any hidden spaces that could harbor everyday grime. This model boasts a deep basin for all the functionality a traditional pedestal sink would provide.

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Pedestal Sink and Medicine Cabinet: Here is another smooth white pedestal sink, this time with a more tapered body and compact footprint. For big style within a smaller space, this fully acrylic design offers the best of both worlds. This model includes an equally minimalist medicine cabinet mirror for easy coordination.

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Toto Pedestal Sink: The beautiful Prominence pedestal sink by Toto refines the traditional pedestal sink format with a streamlined profile. Every curve is smoothly well-proportioned, glazed in high gloss for attractive gleam. Choose from a variety of tones to best suit your bathroom theme.

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Wellworth Kohler Pedestal Sink: Kohlers seamless Wellworth sink cuts a striking silhouette. The deep basin makes washing up a breeze, while the glossy finish makes it easy to clean. Choose from bright white, vintage biscuit, or sophisticated almond finishes.

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Minimalist White Pedestal Sink: This inexpensive pedestal sink offers a sleeker profile to suit smaller spaces. The basin depth measures at 5, a practical middle ground. Flat space behind the basin leaves room for soap, bounded by a subtle lip to wrangle stray water droplets.

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Kohler Memoirs Pedestal Sink: Classic pedestal sink profiles are fantastic for traditional decor themes. The handsome Memoirs sink by Kohler is an enduring favorite, a timeless option with elegant appeal. This design provides a wide lip to hold essentials.

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Kohler Archer Pedestal Sink: This lovely Archer model occupies a somewhat smaller footprint. The lines are refined in the modern style, with subtle classic details ensuring versatile allure. Choose from a range of finishes a spectrum that ranges from bright white to warm sand to striking silken black.

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American Standard Pedestal Sink: Another classic design with ornamental elements. This sink is well-suited to traditional bathroom themes, especially in older homes that have elaborate architectural details to match. This pedestal sink features a wide lip bounding a 22.5 x 30 basin.

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Simple Farmhouse Pedestal Sink: For those who appreciate vintage charm, this farmhouse pedestal sink keeps things classic. The basin is skirted by two wide wings with plenty of room for soaps, candles, and other accessories.

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Large Pedestal Sink Vanity: Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks to the pedestal sink style is the lack of vanity space. This convenient design practically doubles as a vanity, its double-wide construction offering a spacious basin in addition to ample storage room on either side.

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Column Pedestal Sink with Backsplash: Options for small bathrooms are endless. This compact sink offers a chic traditional look, the pedestal made to look like a classic column. Vitreous china construction and a glossy finish ensure this piece remains easy to clean, while a subtle built-in backsplash helps to protect your wall.

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Oval Bathroom Pedestal Sink: Here is another column-style pedestal sink, this time with a large oval basin. The basin itself is exceptionally deep, equipped with overflower protection so you can fill and scrub up without worry.

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Vintage Pedestal Sink: This small pedestal sink is subtly scalloped all around, made to look like an elegant seashell. This piece would be perfect for bathrooms with nautical decor or a bold art deco theme.

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Petite Pedestal Sink: With a basin measuring at just 15 x 14, this petite pedestal sink can accommodate even the most compact bathrooms or powder rooms. Every line is smooth and refined to leave your bathroom looking neatly streamlined.

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Tiny Pedestal Sink: Compact sinks havent been forgotten by modernist innovators. This piece features a tapered continuous body that cuts an especially dramatic profile. A raised backsplash portion protects the wall while a subtle lip provides a resting place for a small soap. The upper portion measures 11 each way.

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Small Pedestal Sink: This compact pedestal sink measures at just over 17 x 14. The basin walls are kept relatively thin, maximizing the size of the basin for a great compromise between functionality and space-saving design. This model is constructed from durable vitreous china with a glossy white finish, easy to clean and maintain.

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Modern Pedestal Vessel Sink: A unique approach this design combines the sophisticated modern look of a vessel sink with the convenience of a pedestal. The body even includes a handy towel rack to keep your bathroom looking organized.

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Modern Acrylic Pedestal Sink: Sculptural and dramatic this pedestal sink is sure to capture attention, instantly making any bathroom look more modern. The body is constructed from sturdy acrylic with a smooth easy-clean finish, unique molded into a shape that resembles a curvaceous number 7. This set includes a contemporary medicine cabinet mirror.

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Artistic Modern Pedestal Sink: Built with sculptural intent, this pedestal sink is a work of art for the bathroom. This handsome spiral design boasts a bright easy-to-clean finish for enduring appeal. Choose from three finishes white, grey, or black.

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Metal and Glass Pedestal Sink: Ideal for contemporary, industrial, and minimalist bathrooms alike, the combination of stainless steel and tinted glass provides an alternative to the traditional ceramic sink aesthetic. This piece features a vessel bowl on a thick glass vanity, all supported by a sturdy steel pedestal. This design includes the pictured faucet and towel rack.

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Scalloped Glass Pedestal Sink: This glass and steel pedestal sink enjoys a tasteful decorative touch with scalloped vessel edges and an elegantly tapered base. The vanity portion leaves space for small toiletries.

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Round 18 Inch Pedestal Sink: With its straight lines and perfectly circular body, this pedestal sink is the epitome of bold modern minimalism. Choose from glossy white or matte white finishes to best suit your space. At 18 in diameter, this piece is a versatile fit for a variety of bathroom sizes.

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Round Unique Pedestal Sink: Creatively tapered and finished with an asymmetrical top, this unique pedestal sink captures attention with its unique silhouette. This is a completely freestanding design the faucet must be mounted from the wall, an on-trend look for modern bathrooms.

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Abstract White Pedestal Sink: This freestanding sink takes an artful approach with its sculpted cloud-like vessel shape. This design is handmade from resin, easy to clean yet soft and warm to the touch.

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Rounded Triangle Pedestal Sink: Another uniquely shaped design, this pedestal sink invites the touch with its gently rounded corners and smooth curves. The soft-touch body mimics the feeling of natural stone yet remains completely non-porous and easy to clean.

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Round Black Pedestal Sink: Black sinks can make a dramatic impression in modern bathrooms whether used as a complement for a dark theme or employed as a source of dramatic contrast. This sleek and glossy design is also available in grey and white.

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Square Black Pedestal Sink: Clean lines make this black pedestal sink a bold addition to the sleek modern bathroom. This piece boasts a smooth easy-to-clean body in rich black with a clean white basin interior. A lip on either side of the faucet mount leaves space for soap.

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Square Pedestal Sink: Available in glossy white and matte white, this square pedestal sink keeps things exceptionally simple. The corners are rounded and smooth for a more inviting look, the base gently tapered toward the bottom. This piece is constructed from hygienic stone resin.

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Modern Minimalist Square Pedestal Sink: This stone resin sink keeps a straightforward silhouette, the corners rounded for soft elegance. This model does not come with pre-drilled faucet holes, allowing you the freedom to have your purchase modified to fit the faucet of your choice.

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Modern Powder Room Pedestal Sink: Simple and sophisticated, this handsome sink is an ideal choice for powder rooms that have a sharp tailored aesthetic. This listing is just for the vessel portion complete with the matching Veil pedestal to complete the look as pictured.

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Cup Shaped Pedestal Sink: A basin resembling a huge coffee cup(we even have half a mind to add these to our awesome coffee mugs set!) is charmingly suited for purpose, with an integrated towel rail at the handle; this piece speaks for itself, so team with simple surroundings and a minimalist wall mounted faucet.

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20 Inch Pedestal Sink: One of the more difficult parts about shopping for sinks online is finding the right size among the wealth of options. This traditional pedestal sink is a middle-of-the-road 20 x 16, a flexible choice for a variety of bathroom layouts.

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24 Inch Pedestal Sink: At 24 by 19.5, this stately pedestal sink offers a little more room to work with. The basin itself is rather compact, leaving spacious flat edges to hold daily essentials.

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Shallow Porcelain Pedestal Sink: No need for a deep basin? This pedestal sink features a wide and spacious build with a depth at just over 5. The streamlined look helps minimize the visual weight of the sink for a brighter-looking bathroom.

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Minimalist Pedestal Sink: Every angle of this medium-size sink is sleek and stylishly honed. This piece is made from vitreous china in a smooth glossy finish. Choose from three faucet spacing options.

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Half Round Pedestal Bathroom Sink: This handsome half-round design maintains a streamlined profile for perfect simplicity a great choice for modern or soft minimalist bathrooms. Choose from single hole or 8 widespread faucet holes.

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Glossy Black Pedestal Sink: With its wide flared base and distinctive basin, this glossy black pedestal sink makes a bold visual statement. If you love the shape but arent quite ready for black bathroom fixtures, this piece is also available in six lighter neutrals to suit any style.

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Pedestal Sink Cabinet: Storage space is one potential drawback of the pedestal sink design. This model addresses that concern with a built-in vanity cabinet. Inside, two shelves provide convenient storage and organization for toiletries or cleaning supplies.

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Freestanding Pedestal Sink With Storage: For a modern approach to the multifunctional pedestal sink, this design is sure to delight. Open cubbies leave plenty of space for go-to essentials. A towel rack on the side further streamlines the experience. Choose from glossy or matte white finishes.

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Freestanding Pedestal Sink with Storage: This design integrates storage within the pedestal body. The door slides open to reveal a spacious drawer, making it easier to access a wide range of items without the need to dig through a packed cabinet.

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Mini Corner Pedestal Sink: The humble corner sink is an essential for the smallest bathrooms and powder rooms. This design is quite streamlined, avoiding any extraneous detail to suit a wider variety of contemporary themes.

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Corner Pedestal Sink: Perfect for rustic and traditional bathrooms, this corner pedestal sink offers a touch of decorative detail for a classic look. This piece is built with a small backsplash lip to help protect the wall. Two finish options are available bright off-white and vintage biscuit.

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Polished Carrara Marble Pedestal Sink: Beautiful, stately, and sure to last a lifetime with proper care this pedestal sink from Signature Hardware is crafted from solid Carrara marble, carefully honed and polished for timeless appeal. The top measures at a generous 24 x 20.

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White and Green Antique Pedestal Sink: Pedestal sinks were once a favored canvas for ornamentation, painted and finished with decorative motifs in an endless variety of themes. Such unique sinks are difficult to find today, but a careful search still reveals some contemporary treasures. This design is accented with gorgeous sea green details and radiant gold trim an elegant option for classic interior themes.

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Luxury Rustic Pedestal Sink with Iron Base: Decorative iron gives this pedestal sink a rustic farmhouse vibe, while the marble basin and vanity lend a quiet sense of luxury.

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Whitewashed Metal Pedestal Sink: Sculptural and bold! This drum-shaped pedestal sink has wide-ranging decor applications, well-suited to industrial bathrooms and cottage chic spaces alike. The body is constructed from an extremely lightweight aluminum alloy and coated with a whitewash finish.

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Nickel Plated Pedestal Sink: This sculptural pedestal sink is dazzling from every angle. The body is constructed from copper, the surface plated in radiant nickel. A subtle hammered effect adds a touch of texture to the outside while the basin remains perfectly smooth and polished.

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Copper Rustic Pedestal Sink: Are you looking for something unique for a rustic, farmhouse, or bohemian-chic bathroom theme? This pedestal sink is constructed from highly ornate copper with a hammered antique finish. Choose from a variety of drain finishes to best match your chosen faucet.

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Copper Square Bathroom Pedestal Sink: Here is another copper pedestal sink, this time with a stately squared profile. Use for bathroom themes ranging from traditional to dramatic art deco.

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Flared Bathroom Pedestal Sink: To achieve such creative profiles, many of the most shapely pedestal sinks are made from cast resin or polystone. Those who prefer the cool touch of ceramic might prefer a model like this one, weighty and intended to last a lifetime.

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Flared Matte Black Oval Pedestal Sink: Have you ever wanted to change just one small detail of a sink before purchasing? This flared-based design is available in a small but useful selection of finish combinations. Choose your favorite configuration of back, white, matte, and glossy.

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Extra Wide Kohler Pedestal Sink: Whether youre looking for a streamlined alternative to a double vanity or just want a sink with bold designer flair, this substantial design certainly checks a few important boxes. This oversized pedestal sink measures at almost 40 inches wide, the angled basin allowing for clean drainage despite its size.

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Double Pedestal Sink: Create a convenient double vanity with this set of two pedestal sinks. Each sink is uniquely shaped with a wide side arm when the two are installed side by side, this arm creates a spacious vanity area in the middle. If you change your plans or remodel, each sink can be used individually for a unique modern look.

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