5 winter 2019 hair trends you need to know about

Autumn is finally upon us, and with it comes a spectrum of stellar autumn/winter 2019 hair styles to inspire your next trip to the salon.

With this in mind we asked Richard Ashforth, 2019 London Hairdresser of the Year finalist in HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards and owner of global salon business Saco, for his expected female hair trends for the coming season.
Fuss free and truthful

Hair is highly influenced by a 70s tousled, layered, textured vibe this year. It’s about producing minimal fuss hair, with the aim of securing an ‘I haven’t even tried’ feel.

Natural hair reigns supreme. Elaborate updos and intricate styling are out in favour of simple ponytails and semi-updos – anything that says low-maintenance. Ditch the curling tongs and use straighteners sparingly in order to embrace your curls, waves and natural movement. For so long, we’ve shined and glossed and ironed out our truthful hair, but this is the season where the less contrived your hair is, the better it is.

Just remember the words, ‘low-key’ as you get ready in the morning and be confident to rock your natural texture. Make sure to air-dry your tresses, put them in messy low-buns and unpolished topknots, and don’t go overboard in smoothing down wispy bits. Effortless and confident is how you want to style your hair. Take a leaf out of Megan Markle’s low bun, or wear your locks half-up, half-down, fully embracing the less is more mantra.
Bold free flow with bling

Carefree, longer hair is perfect for the 70s loose, beachy vibe. Let your hair mirror the flowing nature of maxi dresses, ponchos and big bell bottom jeans with volume and length. Don’t tame your hair! A big trend will be the centre parting, so invest in a metal tail comb to get a super straight line, or if you’re off to work, gather each side into a low ponytail and embellish with a ribbon for a nostalgic, feminine and pretty finish.

If you’re brave enough to dig out your old accessories, then get on board with the clips and pins comeback, and liberally and creatively apply glitter grips and barrettes that you’ve found at the back of your drawer – you’ll be thankful you didn’t throw them out!
Rough cut

Whilst not going back to the shaggy, feathered style made famous by Farrah Fawcett, mid length hair still weaves in all of the looseness, independent and free-spirited feel of 70s women finding their groove. Expect to see raw edges – not super clean cut – but weighty long bobs that sit between the jaw and collar bone.
Punch perfect

Shorter hair continues the reaction against perfect styling. This season opt for punchy and punky crops with broken lengths. Combine these shorter locks with products that produce a dry finish. Invisible styling and invisible finishes are the key to keeping it simple and statement.
Colour me winter

Au natural is the theme for colour as well. In reaction to the rainbow bright, crazy and bold fantasy shades, the hottest hues follow a more monochromatic palette this autumn winter time. Ask for flatter finishes, less high shine and more neutral tones. It’s good news for easy upkeep and a move away from highly labour-intensive hair.

Less is definitely more this season!

All images used in this article (apart from the lead image at the very top) credit: Richard Ashforth
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