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If you have no closet built in your home, or you want to build your own dream closet; then this video is for you.

When I moved to Europe, I realized that people don’t have closets built-in as we do in the US So I decided that I was going to build my own walk-in closet in a small spare room we had.

First, I took all of the junk being stored inside of that room, and then I cleaned the whole entire room.

Next, I painted the walls and installed wood floors.

Next, I had some raw iron hanging bars made and installed on the walls, so I could hang my clothes on them.

Next, I had a chandelier installed for a touch of glamour!

Then I went shopping in IKEA because I wanted to have a walk-in closet with modular closet systems but I saw that they were too expensive for my budget.

So I decided that I was going to make my closet look like a modular system closet, but on a budget!

So I bought the following items to divide my closet into sections, and to use as storage:

(2) MALM 3-drawer chest in white: Article # 003.604.60

(1) KULLEN 3- drawer chest in white: Article # 603.092.37

(2) GERSBY Bookcase white: Article # 702.611.31

After arranging all the IKEA furniture in my closet; I was able to divide my closet into different sections and this way, I was able to store clothes into different categories.

I am happy with the outcome, as I did not spend $$$$ thousands to build my dream closet.

I was able to achieve the same custom look and a very cheap DIY budget!

I hope that my closet serves as an inspiration for people out there who want to build your dream closet on a budget.

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