23 Ordinary Things With Unusual Hidden Uses

A backpack, iPhone, keyboard, a jet pack – well maybe not a jet-pack -- but hey, you use these things every day! Still they might not be as straightforward as you think! Lots of ordinary objects have secret features that unlock their FULL potential!

For example, have you ever used those flimsy, ribbed ketchup containers they have at fast-food restaurants? You probably wondered why they don't make them a bit bigger. What most people don't know, though, is that those ribs should be pulled outward - thanks to this trick, the container can house way more sauce! Interested? Then check out these little-known but really cool facts!

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A drawer under the oven 0:19

Wooden hangers 0:37

Fabric patches 0:56

Diamond slits on backpacks 1:22

A hole in the elevator door 1:40

A dent in the milk container 2:01

Removable headrests 2:34

Applesauce lids 2:50

Bread tags 3:10

Grooves on keyboards 3:37

Rings in zippers 4:00

Chinese takeaway boxes 4:17

Tri-color toothpaste 4:36

Little studs on jeans 5:05

Utility knife 5:26

A slot near the iPhone camera 5:53

Ketchup cups 6:15

Dental floss 6:36

Shirt loops 6:54

A hole in the skillet handle 7:11

Toothpicks 7:35

Soft drink lid 7:53

Soda can tab 8:10

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- The very first wooden hangers were made from cedar, which is an effective natural insect repellant. The smell scared off moths and saved clothes.

- If the elevator doors get stuck, an operator can open them manually by inserting a special key in the hole.

- Being trapped in a car, you can use the headrest's metal prods to break the window and get out.

- Colorful plastic tags on bags of bread indicate when the loaf was baked.

- Palpable lines on the F and J keys help those who type without looking at the keyboard to position their hands correctly.

- Lots of toothpastes have blue, red, and white stripes. Such coloring isn't mere aesthetics (although it does look quite cheerful) - all the stripes have their own ingredients and purposes.

- When your knife gets blunt, break off the top section with the cap you can find at the bottom - voila, you have a brand-new sharp blade again!

- Not every iPhone owner pays attention to an almost unnoticeable little hole between the camera and the flash. It's the gadget's second microphone.

- If you don't have a hanger nearby, inspect your shirt for a small loop on the back.

- When you're cooking something in the pan, the hole in the handle is there to hold your messy spoon or spatula!

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