2020 Home Organization Challenge: Week 4 Pantry

Welcome to week 4 of the Home Organization Challenge. So far, we have organized thelaundry room,home office, and the kitchen.This week, we are headed into the pantry. If you dont have a pantry (like me), organize the area where you keep your food. Lets finish the off the kitchen area strong and have a productive week

Since we dont have a pantry, I use a cabinet for our pantry staples. I couldnt find the exact cabinet to link for you, but this one is close. Its also from Ikea.

I keep the cabinet in the back hallway right outside of the kitchen. It works well and give us extra storage for the pantry staples we use often.

I use these jars to store our food. They are air tight and add a French flair to the space. I keep our bread in a gardeners basket.

I use confit pots and an old stoneware bowl to store potatoes, onions, and garlic.

The confit pots are from Pottery Barn but I couldnt locate them to share a link. I would check Etsy, if you want an authentic version of these. They are a reproduction.

Its the perfect pot for potatoes!

I use a lazy Susan for my baking staples.

Extra pasta and flour is stored in baskets on the bottom shelf. These baskets are from Target.

I keep our canned goods in a cabinet under the kitchen island & snacks in a kitchen drawer.

Our pantry is simple and functional. Its not fussy and works well for our needs. If you dont have a pantry, I highly suggest finding a cabinet or shelving that you could transform into a pantry.

Here is a blog post of my old pantry. It had French doors and several shelves to store food.

And another blog post of the way it looked before that. There are lots of storage ideas in this post.

New to the challenge? Print out thechallenge checklistand use it as a guide as you work your way through the pantry this week. It has a step by step process that you can follow.

If youre a part of the Home Organization challenge, youll want to get thechallenge companion guideandcleaning book. Both of these are essential tools that will help you get your homes organized and cleaned from top to bottom.

Have fun organizing your pantry this week. I will see you back next week, as we head into the master closet. Have a great week, friends.

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