2020 Home Organization Challenge: Week 3 Kitchen

Welcome to week 3 of the 2020 Home Organization Challenge. We have conquered the laundry room and home office. Now its time to organize the kitchen. This space is the most time consuming challenge over the next 14 weeks but the most rewarding.

If youre a part of the challenge, youll want to get thechallenge companion guide. This is an essential tool that will help you get your home organized from top to bottom. If you havent printed out the challenge checklist, click here. It contains the kitchen checklist which youll need to complete this weeks challenge.

Here is my kitchen. Its very functional and a great working kitchen. (My bar stools are from Restoration Hardware & the pendant lights are from Rejuvenation).

To the right of the range, I keep my most used cooking items on a marble lazy Susan. (French salt, Fleur de Sel, Pepper grinders, Avocado oil and Olive Oil).

To the left of the range I keep my glass canisters. They are filled with oatmeal, kamut flour, einkorn flour, and sugar. I use these daily so they need to be easily accessible. Here is the marker I used to write on these jars.

Here is my coffee center. If you love coffee as much as I do, youll want to set up a space in your kitchen for all of your essentials. Some of my must haves are my coffee grinder, a pour over kettle, and pour over cups. I use a white marker to label my jars in the kitchen. (My coffee machine is a Jura Impressa Z7).

I keep my aprons on these hooks, beside my refrigerator. I use them daily so they have to be easily accessible.

For visual appeal and order, store similar items together in the cabinets.

To save on space, take your cereal bags out of the boxes and clip them.

Line your spices up in a drawer near your prep space. You can also use spice drawer organizers.

Keep food storage items contained in bins.

If youre looking for more kitchen organizing inspiration, check out these blog posts.

I hope you gained some inspiration and tips to help you organize your kitchens. Ill see you back for week 4 of the home organization challenge. We will be heading into the pantry. Have a great week of organizing.