13 DIY Bookshelf Ideas

Looking for some DIY bookshelf ideas? If you’re looking for fun and creative ways to spruce up your bookshelf, try these! Don’t forget to take a #shelfie!

Up Your #Shelfie Game With These DIY Bookshelf Ideas

Got a big collection of books? I do. While I love to read, I can't say I feel the same way about how my bookshelf looks. We just bought it a few years back and despite my craftiness, I haven’t been able to spruce it up, until lately, when I’ve been seeing #shelfies all over Instagram and found them so adorable! If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, I’ve rounded up the best shelf ideas on the web!


1. DIY Rolling Bookshelf


On a roll? Your bookshelf can do the same too. Recreate this easy DIY rolling bookshelf (which is a very easy project with this step-by-step tutorial) and save on a storage piece furniture while adding an attractive decor factor to your living room. It’s great for displaying some beautiful vignettes and using as storage.


2. Headboard Bookshelf

Having a decent bookshelf close to the headboard is definitely a functional thought so you can forever do away with that annoying scenario when you're already comfortably tucked in bed, only to realize you don't have your book with you.


3. Skateboard Bookshelf


How many inactive skateboards are collecting dust in your garage? In order for you to have a functional skateboard bookshelf, you will need to have two or more skateboard. But as they say the more the merrier, you'll have plenty of shelves to hold your books.


4. Upside-Down Bookshelf

Want a bookshelf that will catch an eye? This upside-down bookshelf will surely give you just that! Don’t worry, this is just a nifty illusion. No gravity laws has been altered, so pretty doable.


5. DIY Built-In Bookshelf

This is a pretty easy-to-follow tutorial for a built-in shelving unit. Once you're done with the structure, you can use your creativity to fill it with some colors and textures.


6. DIY Antique Ladder Shelf

Looks intimidating? Worry not, this DIY antique ladder shelf does not need a ton of DIY skills. Simply install L-brackets to your empty wall, secure your wooden ladder, and then you can get creative in arranging your books.



7. Shelving And Tables Using Glass Bottles

A little handiwork is needed (drilling and measuring) but your hard work will definitely pay off. You'll have a sturdy shelf that can hold any of your books or knick-knacks.


8. Hanging Bookshelves

In general, bookshelves rest on the floor, but this one is confidently hanging from the ceiling. I guess you would worry about banging into them and knocking your books to the floor, however with a little pressure on the ropes, you'll minimize the hassle.


9. Bookshelf Tree

Who would not want a trendy creation? This bookshelf tree is Pinterest-worthy. The purple color is really beautiful, but you can definitely change it to match the color of your room.


10. Drawer Repurposed Into A Map Shelf

Upcycle drawers from old dressers you salvaged from on the sidewalk, or from thrift stores, into boxes you can simply set up on your wall. This can be a wonderful French cleat aspirant.


11. DIY Crate Bookshelf

Got crates? Upcycle them into your very own bookshelf. This adorable rustic bookshelf is fun, easy, and relatively quick to complete from a couple of unfinished wooden crates.


12. Design Your Own Bookshelf Lining

Don't just settle for a plain bookshelf wall, design your own bookshelf lining and have fun with it. You’ll just need a couple of minutes and little to no skill for this DIY project, but the result is a conversation piece you'll be proud of.


13. DIY Book Nook

It is essential to instill the importance of reading to our young ones and one way to do that is to engage them through beautiful cover art. Make this DIY book nook for the kiddos and help them choose a book in a snap.


Fancy to have an invisible bookshelf? Learn how to make it in this video from Kay Okay Vlog:

Making a bookshelf is a fairly easy woodworking project you can get done in just a day or two. Pick one of these DIY bookshelf ideas and round up those wayward books into a corner, to save some space and money. Who knows, maybe you can come up with a statement piece of furniture to uplift your home decor!

Which DIY bookshelf will you make this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in May 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.