124 Of The Most Clever, Interesting, And Creative Hotel Ideas That Surprised Their Guests (New Pics)

Booking a hotel can be both exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. Every time you step foot in the lobby, you curiously look around to reassure yourself that you made the right choice. But when you’re bathed in smiles after being showered with kind and cheerful words, you know your stay just went from great to excellent.

The customer is king in the hospitality industry, and that’s why so many hotels go out of their way to give their visitors a sense of a never-ending adventure. Whether it’s genius yet simple solutions, hilarious pop culture references, or genuine acts of kindness, these gestures make people feel special and let them leave the place with the best memories ever. And fortunately, these efforts do not go unnoticed.

Today’s post is all about celebrating creative hotels and their staff who surprised their guests and took their experience to a whole other level. We at Bored Panda scoured far and wide across the web to bring you a collection of pictures that show how some hotels really deserve to be in the spotlight. So sit back, relax, and tell us what you think about them in the comments! Then, if you’re in the mood for some more hotel goodness, check out our earlier pieces right here, here, and here.

#1 I Noticed Something While Checking Into My Hotel Today

Image credits: Redshirt2604

#2 My Hotel Phone In Iceland Has A Special Button That Will Wake You Up If There Are Northern Lights In The Sky

Image credits: KristjanHrannar

#3 Signage Outside The Toilets At The Hotel I'm Staying At

Image credits: Sekhen

#4 This Hotel In Kyiv

Image credits: annaefoster

#5 The Hotel I'm Staying At Has A Tiny Door That Says "John Malkovich"

Image credits: Kobbero

#6 The Rag - Clever Use For Old Rags In This Hotel

Image credits: CommanderChotch

#7 The Banisters At My Hotel Were Held Up By Little Metal Men

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 The Pet Hotel We Used Makes A Journal Of Your Pet's Stay To Give To You When You Pick Them Up

Image credits: zaftpunk

#9 My Girlfriend Took Me On A Surprise Birthday Trip

Image credits: andreasdibbern

#10 Underground Hotel In Tunisia, Known For Being The Set Of Luke Skywalker’s Home

Image credits: Panegyrics of Granovetter

#11 My Airbnb Was An Entire House Built Inside A Barn

Image credits: jbells1245

#12 On Arrival At The Hotel Room We Were Quite Surprised By The Imagination Of The Room Service

Image credits: Terenpub

#13 This Zipper Check Sign On The Backside Of The Door Of A Hotel’s Lobby Bathroom

Image credits: Gingivitis22

#14 New Photo From Our Project

Image credits: yuji_yamazaki_nyc

#15 This Doorframe Is A Miniature Castle. It’s At A Hostel In Edinburgh, Castle Rock

Image credits: StuartisUnoriginal

#16 This Hotel Room Has A Digital Peephole

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 The Hotel I’m Staying At Has A LEGO Model Of Itself

Image credits: WesFink1

#18 This Bathroom Door In The Holiday Inn Can Close In Two Positions


#19 My Hotel Shower Had A Water Thermometer

Image credits: rcoron

#20 The Phone In My Hotel Room Has, Both, Pizza Hut And Domino's On Speed Dial

Image credits: cougar_trap

#21 My Hotel Pool Has An Entrance Ramp For The Handicapped

Image credits: PlaneShenaniganz

#22 At My Hotel's Breakfast You Could Choose How Long You Wanted Your Eggs Boiled

Image credits: Cellular_tuesday

#23 My Hotel’s Sun Canopy Is Connected To A Wind Meter, Which Automatically Causes It To Retract When The Wind Speed Becomes Too High

Image credits: Samtulp6

#24 Giraffe Manor. My Favorite Place On Earth. Had Lots Of Fun

Image credits: jmlr_photography

#25 9 Laps Around My Hotel Floor = 1 Mile

Image credits: DerpDishPizza

#26 The Hotel Reception Is Below The Swimming Pool

Image credits: gladers99

#27 This Postcard I Took From A NY Hotel Has Wildflower Seeds Embedded In It So You Can Plant It After You Receive It In The Mail

Image credits: SAyyOuremySIN

#28 My Hotel In Manhattan Has Beehives

Image credits: cheddarcheeseballs

#29 The Hotel I’m Staying At Has A Pancake Machine

Image credits: Jak3527416

#30 The Hotel I’m Staying At Allows You To Choose Your Selected Holy Text

Image credits: mr_dewrito

#31 My Hotel Used To Be A Prison

Image credits: Savings-Spirit-3702

#32 This Hotel Room Knows Me So Well

Image credits: flarie

#33 Hotel Tunnel

Image credits: RonnieVanDan

#34 This Hotel Clock Has Displays On Three Sides

Image credits: ecklesweb

#35 Outside My Hotel

Image credits: matt120501

#36 My Hotel's Pool

Image credits: Krohnowitz

#37 Hotel Hallway Corridor

Image credits: thesuavedog

#38 This Was On A Lotion They Provide At My Hotel

Image credits: reddit.com

#39 Found This Sign In My Hotel

Image credits: wootpriest

#40 My Hotel Jacuzzi Tub Fills Up From The Ceiling

Image credits: Rollipollipotamus

#41 The Hotel I'm Staying At Has A Record Player And A Small Vinyl Selection In The Room

Image credits: theWeeVash

#42 There Is A Tree In My Airbnb

Image credits: _Mikomihokina_

#43 A Bar Of Soap In My Hotel Bathroom With A Message To People Being Trafficked And Probably Prostituted/Sexually Exploited

Image credits: plastictoyman

#44 My Hotel’s Coconut Meteorologist

Image credits: Apollo0hno

#45 Hotel Graffiti Artists Leaves Hidden Funny Messages For Guests To Discover

Image credits: p4nz3r

#46 These Door Cards In My Hotel

Image credits: Gondoka

#47 The Way My Hotel Displays Room Numbers

Image credits: so_boredrightnow

#48 I'm Proud To Be In A Hotel That Doesn't Discriminate Against Little People

Image credits: jbananaz

#49 Telephone Sheep

Image credits: expataktuell

#50 This Hotel Gives You A Rubber Duck To Play With In The Bathtub

Image credits: Its-A-Wrap

#51 These Butter Balls In A Hotel’s Breakfast Buffet. They Were Stretchy And Didn’t Melt

Image credits: jenayeinc

#52 The Hotel I’m Staying At Has A Hatchet Above The Toilet

Image credits: 2_wyckyd

#53 This “Waste-Reducing” Hotel Bar Soap That’s “Designed To Eliminate The Unused Center Of Traditional Soap Bars”

Image credits: yo_lili

#54 I Stole This Pen From A Hotel

Image credits: pseudo-nimm1

#55 This Hotel Sanitizes Their Remotes

Image credits: BonerChamp6

#56 The Cartoon Network Hotel Located In Lancaster, PA

Image credits: chrper09

#57 The Mirror In The Elevator Lobby Of This Hotel Tells You The Weather Outside

Image credits: m1chgo

#58 In This Unique Way, A Hotel Chose To Block A Urinal To Enforce Social Distancing In The Men's Room In The Lobby

Image credits: rippinro

#59 My Hotel Room Has A Projector

Image credits: Bigbadpsychdaddy

#60 Shower At This Hotel Has A Flow Meter To Show How Much Water You Use, The Polar Disappears If You Use Too Much Of It

Image credits: Unicornglitteryblood

#61 I Booked A Hotel Room A While Back And Requested A Picture Of Kevin Costner

Image credits: KHanson25

#62 The Drawer In My Hotel Room Has A Sticker Pointing To "Prayer Directions"

Image credits: Gitmurr

#63 My Hotel Room Mirror Is On Hinges So Paranoid People Can Check For Cameras

Image credits: stressdebtchestpains

#64 None Of The Floors In The Hotel I Am Staying At Have The Number 4 In Them

Image credits: TheZinga

#65 Mirror At Hotel Compares Your Height To Famous Celebrities

Image credits: WhyIsCheeseSoGood

#66 R2-D2 Shower Head In My Airbnb

Image credits: andrig92

#67 The World's First Gold-Plated Hotel Tower In Hanoi Has A Golden Shower On Its Rooftop Terrace

Image credits: fan_tas_tic

#68 The Hotel At Six In Stockholm Uses Wooden Keycards

Image credits: TGC_wastaken

#69 Stayed In Woking Recently And This Beauty Was In The Hotel Lobby

Image credits: parsonification

#70 Gas Station-Themed Love Hotel Room In Manila

Image credits: redkinoko

#71 When I Booked My Hotel A Few Months Ago, I Put In A Few Special Requests As A Joke. Champagne, Roses And A Plastic Dinosaur

Image credits: robtwood

#72 The Hotel I’m Staying At Has “Hearing Impaired Door Bells” Installed For Several Rooms

Image credits: megapixelnightterror

#73 The Ceiling Fan/Light At My Hotel Has Cool Pulls To Indicate Which Is Which

Image credits: ellielovey

#74 A Hotel Room With A Swinging Bed Suspended From The Ceiling

Image credits: Alana_Piranha

#75 Each Day During My Quarantine The Staff Of The Hotel Give Me A Post-It Like This

Image credits: drpingg

#76 This Hotel Serves Fresh Honey Straight From The Hive

Image credits: this_username

#77 My Hotel Has A Massive Climbing Wall In The Lobby

Image credits: ddechamb

#78 The Airbnb I’m Staying In Has A Microwave From June 1984

Image credits: ejc1138

#79 Hotel In San Juan, With Black Lights In The Hallways And Neon Room Numbers On The Doors

Image credits: Redfive9188

#80 St. Patrick’s Day Has Me Reminiscing About This Gorgeous Green Indoor Garden

Image credits: garden.gazing

#81 I Wish More Hotels Did This

Image credits: Kvakke

#82 This Mirror In The Front Of My Hotel Looks Like You Can Walk Through It

Image credits: arjuna20

#83 This Hotel's Bench Has A Very Honest Dedication Plaque

Image credits: OOF-__-

#84 The Hotel I Stayed At Had This Marble Floor

Image credits: Notdazedbutalright

#85 The Minibar In This Hotel Has Canned Kit Kats And Reeces Pieces

Image credits: uaiu

#86 The Back Of My Hotel Key Card

Image credits: Eat_Sleep_COD

#87 This Hotel Mirror Doesn’t Allow Condensation To Form In The Middle Of The Mirror After A Shower, Allowing You To See Yourself

Image credits: WilliamWonkaThe3rd

#88 The Hotel I'm Staying At Puts Down The Sunrise And Sunset Times

Image credits: Tugboatdriver

#89 My Hotel Bathroom Has 12 Towel Hooks

Image credits: GuberGooberson

#90 This Elephant Shape Towel Folding In Thailand Hotel Room

Image credits: sitpagrue

#91 This Hotel Corridor That Looks Suspiciously Like In The Shining

Image credits: linuxfrickler

#92 The Mini Fridge In My Hostel Room Was In The Wall

Image credits: mmmarms

#93 Found In A Hotel I Stayed At (Easter Egg Begins On Third Line)

Image credits: littleoni_

#94 Our Hotel Has Face Towels Specifically For Make Up Removal

Image credits: KayaKulbardi

#95 The Hotel I'm Staying At Describes The Indicators Of Their Fire Alarms

Image credits: gl3nnjamin

#96 The Do Not Disturb Sign At My Hotel

"Not now... Stay out. I might be... sleeping, streaming, in too good company, having a moment, procrastinating, naked, talking, too drunk, googling stuff, a unicorn, trying on my outfit for tonight, dreaming..."

Image credits: SweSupermoosie

#97 All The Light Switches In My Hotel Room Are These Chrome Toggles

Image credits: redct

#98 At This Hotel I’m Staying At, You Can Rent Umbrellas

Image credits: tomegerton99

#99 The Hotel I'm Staying At Specifies Which Pillows Are Soft Or Firm

Image credits: MrEggsBenedicr

#100 Staycation Mode On

Image credits: ethan.evander.leono

#101 The Hotel Where I Stayed For The Night Had A Red Light In The Bathroom So You Won't Be Bothered By A Bright White Light When You Need To Go During The Night

Image credits: reddit.com

#102 My Hotel Mirror Has An Touch Sensitive Antifog Button

Image credits: Money_Magazine4162

#103 This Champagne Vending Machine In My Hotel Lobby In Paris

Image credits: huck_licks_a_berry

#104 The Hotel I'm Staying In Has A Mail Chute That Goes All The Way To The Basement. I'm On The 14th Floor

Image credits: SmashDreadnot

#105 My Hotel Room Has A Do Not Disturb Button Instead Of A Hangtag

Image credits: QuicklyThisWay

#106 The TV Remote In My Hotel Room Has A Qwerty Keyboard On The Back

Image credits: xrnst

#107 This Hotel Pool My Girlfriend And I Just Swam In

Image credits: Jacobklassen

#108 My Hotel Room Has A Swing

Image credits: GuberGooberson

#109 My Airbnb Gym Has Chandeliers

Image credits: MoneyMuggs

#110 This Other Stained Glass Ceiling In A Different Hotel

Image credits: marzen0

#111 Monday Morning, And I Don’t Want To Get Out Of Bed. Would Be Even Harder If It Was This Bed Of Flowers And Ice

Image credits: perbenjamin

#112 The Hotel I Am Staying At Has A Wall Mounted Electric Toothbrush Charging Point

Image credits: creatingastorm

#113 The Door Hanger From My Hotel Room Looks Like My Hotel

Image credits: China-Signs

#114 My Hotel In Columbus Ohio Has No 4th Or 13th Floors Due To Korean And American Superstitions

Image credits: reddit.com

#115 Our Hotel’s Valet Tag, Has All The Local Radio Stations For People From Out Of Town

Image credits: sasharussian

#116 These Little Salt And Pepper Shakers That Are Supplied With My Hotel Room

Image credits: ninjajory

#117 This Fire Extinguisher Is Flat Instead Of Round To Fit Into The Wall Better At My Hotel

Image credits: Randomhero360

#118 Stayed At A Hard Rock Hotel And The Comforter Had Little Guitars Barely Visible

Image credits: Jorger707

#119 This Completely Black Building I Saw In Milan Today

Image credits: reddit.com

#120 The Hotel I’m Staying At Still Has Heat Lamps In The Bathroom From When They Opened In The 1960s

Image credits: Confliction___

#121 All Of The Art In My Hotel Room Is Painted Directly On The Wall

Image credits: Better_Than_Jezra

#122 Gift From Hotel Maintenance. A Couple Of Chocolate Treats In The Shape Of Tools. How Appropriate

Image credits: wmyfowlkes

#123 My Hotel Room Shower Has A Foot Rest

Image credits: EMPulseKC

#124 My Breakfast Sandwich Has The Hotel Logo Embossed On It

Image credits: tungstencoil