12 Ways to Reuse Broken Household Items

12 Ways to Reuse Broken Household Items

Looking for ways to reuse those broken household items? I have talked about some ways you can repurpose old household items, but this article will cover how you can use those broken-down items in your house that you just don’t know what to do with! It’s nice to be able to put those egg cartons, tissue boxes, and toilet paper rolls to work, but what about the big items?

When something becomes broken, it’s our natural tendency to want to throw it out and replace those items with a new replacement, or something else entirely. But as it turns out, that’s actually a bad habit to have. Instead of helping fill up our landfills with more junk, you and I could be giving those items an entirely new and unique purpose.

The old adage that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure could apply here. Take the time to consider if what you’ve viewed as junk could actually turn into your treasure with a little creative work.

Do I have your attention? Keep reading to find out fun and clever projects that you can do to repurpose several of your broken household items.

Broken Clay Pot Pieces

12 Ways to Reuse Broken Household Items

1. Use Broken Pots as Garden Markers

While you may not be able to use your broken terra cotta pots for their original purpose, you can still use the fragments as stylish markers for your garden. Simply take a magic marker and label the names of each of your flowers, herbs, and vegetables. You could also use paint for writing or adding colorful artwork to your garden markers if you wish. 9 Superfoods You Can Grow in Your Garden

2. Convert an Old Dresser into a Usable Bench

If you’ve been thinking about throwing out that old dresser for a while now, pay close attention to this next project! Instead of taking it to the dump, how about repurposing it into a bench that can be used as outdoor furniture? Not only does this DIY project turn out great, but the instructions are also fairly simple to follow. Here’s how you can get started! This would also go really well in the entryway of your home. The old drawers could be used to plant a garden.

Another thing to consider is to use a small dresser as a nightstand. Even if one or two drawers don’t seem to work like they used to, nightstands generally are used to hold a table lamp and alarm clock next to your bed.

3. Broken Planter Pots into Festive Holiday Decorations

Let’s get back to the topic of all your broken terra cotta planter pieces. Besides using them as attractive garden markers, you can also use the broken pieces to create a decorative pumpkin ornament that will look absolutely fabulous come this fall! You could also use the fragments from those broken plates or saucers which will also have the same stunning effect. Simply apply the broken pieces to a foam ball while using a mosaic pattern and you’re finished. How To Prep Your Home For The Holidays

4. Make Two Desks from One Table

Even if your kitchen table has seen much better days and you’re ready to replace it, don’t throw it away! Although your table may be broken in the middle, as long as the end sections are in good shape, this project will be a piece of cake. Simply cut off the end portions past the legs, stain, or paint as you see fit, and then attach them to the wall. You can set a vanity mirror on one and use it as a place you can put on makeup in the morning and then provide the other for your children to do their homework on.

5. Turn Broken Chairs into Neat Hangers

Maybe you’re no longer able to sit in that chair like you once did, but that doesn’t mean that it’s entirely the end of the road for it. The top portion of the back of your chair can be removed and turned into a usable clothes hanger. All you need to do is attach the hanger hardware to the top of your chair and you have a stylish hanger. Every home needs more hooks and a holder here and there.

6. Turn Your Broken Jewelry into Something New

While it can be very disappointing when your favorite jewelry breaks, that doesn’t mean you’ll never get to wear them again! All you need is a few jewelry-making tools to transform your old jewelry like the pearls or beads from a necklace into a dazzling wrist or ankle bracelet or something else entirely of your own clever making. For one more idea, some people repurpose their broken jewelry into small door knobs for their cabinets. My Homemade Jewelry Cleaner Recipe

7. Make a Fire Pit from an Old Washing Machine

For this next project, you won’t have to keep the entire broken washing machine. All you need is the inside drum of the washing machine and maybe $10 out of pocket. It just so happens to be the perfect shape for a fire pit and will only require about an hour’s work out of you. Ready to get started? Here are the building instructions that you’ll need. 11 Ways You Can Prepare for a Wildfire

8. Make Bookshelves from Broken Ladders

Don’t keep using broken ladders to climb up on things. That can be very dangerous! I suggest you try taking your old wooden ladders and repurposing them into bookshelves. Not only does this project turn out great, but it also gives your home a more rustic appearance. Just take it apart into two sections and then attach them to your wall so that they’re secure. Best Survival Books Of All Time

9. Turn an Old Ceramic Tub into a Couch

Do you happen to own an old and outdated ceramic tub and are thinking about replacing it with one that’s new? Instead of getting rid of it, how about turning it into a beautiful couch that you could set on your patio or strategically place it in your backyard? You could even keep it in your living room or in one of your spare bedrooms. With just a little paint and some cushioning, as well as cutting out the front, this DIY project is sure to impress your friends and be a topic of conversation.

10. Transform an Old Piano into a Work Bench

I absolutely love this next clever idea, especially if you can’t afford to purchase a brand-new workbench! If your piano no longer works as it once did, you can take out all the hardware from it and make it into a workbench that will hold all your tools. It’s a great option to place in your garage or in a workshop. This is one of my favorite ways to reuse broken household items.

11. Make Shelving from a Broken Guitar

Maybe you took guitar smashing a little bit too seriously? Or perhaps you have a guitar that no longer has any purpose in your home. Whatever your story may be, I have the perfect solution. You can remove the front of your guitar and then add one or two shelves to the inside of it. Then hang it from your wall and add any neat little musical paraphernalia or other nick-nacks you can come up with.

12. Hang Your Kitchen Utensils on a Broken Garden Rake

For those of my readers who are going for more of a rustic farm-style kitchen, you’ll appreciate this last one I have for you. Don’t throw out a garden rake just because the handle fell off. You can still take the top part of the rake and hang it up so you have a home for several kitchen utensils. Just make sure to clean your rake beforehand. You could also paint it to give it more character if you want.

Other Broken or Old Household Items to Reuse:

  • Broken Picture frame: consider taking the unwanted picture out of it and making a flowered wall decoration.
  • Any kind of frame that breaks: use the wood pieces to sure up a broken piece of furniture or a support for shelving in your pantry or basement.
  • Old dishes and cups: don’t chuck those old dishes, use them to make a nice wall decoration. You can also take two old dishes and make a cake stand by putting an old matching cup in between the two. You can also glue a small mirror in the middle of a plate and make a mirror wall decoration.
  • Old or partially used candles: melt the candle and use the wax to make new twisted candles. Use the old candle as a fire starter. Use the scented candle as a fragranced drawer pouch. Use the wax a make some small tealights.
  • Old t-shirts turned into rags: cotton t-shirts make good rags to clean windows, kitchen counters, bathtubs, and more. Since they’re rags, use them the next time you need to clean up some grease and then throw them away. Much stronger and more efficient than paper towels.
  • An old ladder turned into plant storage: unless the steps on the ladder are broken or tapered, those steps should hold a number of small plants.
  • Entertainment center turned to play kitchen: paint the entertainment center a bright color, add some decals, hang some cup hooks, and make your kids or grandkids a fun play kitchen.
  • A washing machine drum or broken refrigerator turned into a planter: amazing what you can do with some items when laid on their side. Take the door off that old fridge or freezer, remove the shelves and drawers and place it in your garden area. You may want to bury it. Also, consider painting it a fun color and using it on your patio to hold some pretty flowers. Need a storage unit for your swimming pool accessories, consider using the fridge or freezer for that.

Other Fun Ideas:

  • Glass mason jars: if not being used for canning food, use them to store nuts, bolts, screws, washers, electrical wire ties, and more small items. They can also be used to hold office supplies like pens, pencils, rulers, markers, and crayons. Also, consider using them to hold small tools.
  • Broken dishes can be turned into art: if colorful enough, you can take the pieces and make some pretty wall art (see the first item above).
  • You can make almost any household item into a flower pot: add some pizzazz to your back porch or patio by converting old pots, pans, mixing bowls, Tupperware, and other items.
  • Take that old dingy shower curtain and put it to use as a tarp, clean it and make a tote bag or a produce bag when you go shopping. If the color is right, use it as a seat cushion cover or a cover for your pet beds when they wear out, your pets will love it.
  • Save up those used plastic grocery bags and stuff them into larger bags to make a sleeping mat, garden kneeling mat or a small bed for your dog or cat.
  • Take those old and frayed electrical cords and make them as an extension of your dog’s leash. Take the colorful ones and make wrist or ankle bracelets. Use them to hang your planters from the patio ceiling, or to tie off those holiday gift bags.
  • Use those old bottle caps to make a directional sign by gluing them to a board you can hang up. Use them as fun accessories on things like bracelets, necklaces, and keychains. Tie a bunch together and make a small windchime.

Final Word

The one thing that I hope that you all take away from this, is that just because something is broken, doesn’t mean that it can’t still serve a purpose. These are just a handful of ways that you can reuse some of the broken household items that may be in your home. Can you think of any other ways to repurpose broken household items? I’d love to hear from you! Even if you don’t love DIY projects, it’s so fun to actually put broken household items to use and show your creative side! May God Bless this world, Linda

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