115 Times People Had No Idea What They Were Looking At, But The Internet Knew What It Was Right Away (New Pics)

The world is far too complex for us to have all the answers. On any given day, people are coming up with new projects and ideas that prove change is the only stable thing in life. Since we can’t keep up with their sometimes weird, sometimes brilliant inventions, we’re bound to believe that all of these novel items have a purpose.

But have you ever stumbled across something so random and mysterious that you just had to ask, "What Is This Thing?" Well, if you have, chances are you reached out to the online group on Reddit with the same name. "We may not know the 'why' but we can help with the 'what'," the moderators write in the description, and boy, do they deliver!

More than 2.1 million amateur detectives consistently scroll through the photographs and solve one case after another by deciphering the perplexities people upload online. We gathered some of the most bizarre objects people posted on the group, along with the wisdom from the subreddit about what they are. Continue scrolling, upvote the most interesting ones, and tell us what you think about them in the comments! And if you're in the mood for even more strange objects and the explanations behind them, check out our previous posts about them here, here, and here.

#1 What Is This Red Leather Devil Figure, Found In A Wooden Box In An Attic?

"Turns out one of the weirder ways skates and rays have been used by people is as curiosities. These cartilaginous fish, related to sharks, were flipped over and “shaped” into gruesome likenesses of imagined sea devils or maybe evil-looking mermaids. After being dried out and shellacked they were sold in port cities and seaside towns as far back as the 16th century. The origins of the name are obscure, but some articles reference jeune fille d’Anvers which translates as girl from Antwerp.

Intentionally fishing and drying out sea creatures as tourist trinkets, whether sea stars, sea horses or Jenny Hanivers, has fortunately fallen out of fashion. But beach combing is still a great way to come upon all sorts of interesting bits and pieces brought in on the tide and tossed ashore by a wave to dry in the sun."

Image credits: Jaol17

#2 Found In My Math Teacher's Room. 100 Squares With Varying Patterns And Colors. No Patterns Seem To Be Same

They are times. For example, 4 is 2 blue, blue is 2. So 4 is 2x2. 8 has three blue 2x2x2. 96 has 4 blue 2x2x2x2 (32) x red which is 3. 32x3 is 96

Image credits: MacerSpaceflight

#3 What Is Up Against This Person's Mouth?

Answer: Court stenographer mask so they can dictate

Image credits: aintnufincleverhere

#4 Strange Graves In A Village Graveyard In Northwest Iran. So I Have Seen These Graves Since I Was A Kid But Never Understood What The Marking Meant. They Don’t Look Like Christian Or Muslim Graves And No One In The Village Knows Their Origin. If Someone Knows Anything, I Would Appreciate The Help

Answer: gravestones in NW Iran sometimes have figural/narrative carvings that indicate the occupation of the person.

Image credits: ap2094

#5 Found This Deep In My Church's Storage. Looks Like There's A Place For A Battery, Multiple Lights, And Even A Knob That Only Clicks When You Twist It. It Seems To Be From The 70s And Made Primarily Out Of Aluminum. All I Can Think Of Is It Was Some Sort Of Tithe Device, But It Doesn't Seem To Open

Answer: A device found in a church that says “PLEASE” on it only has one meaning, MONEY. It some sort of offering collector.

Image credits: EndureFins

#6 Wooden Machine Hanging On The Wall Of A Historical Building. It Features Dials That All Seem To Be In Sync. Knob Below When Pushed Makes The Dials Jump, But Turning Does Nothing. The Dials Are Numbered But A Few Are Labeled Parlor, Ladies Entrance And Bathroom

Answer: Servants summoning panel. Buttons or pulls all over the house ring a bell there

Image credits: sneaking-suspicion

#7 Found On The Beach Near Myrtle Beach, Sc. We Just Had A Big Storm. It's Very Firm And Breaks Apart Smoothly. Seems Organic

Answer: We used to get stuff like this on our beach in colder weather. It turns out it was fats in the “treated” water from the Boston sewer plant that was pipelined out into Cape Cod Bay. They would clump together into big fatty lumps like that one.
Industrial lubricants (synthetic waxes) also regularly get dumped from ships and wash up on shores. Wax or fat seem most likely.

Image credits: freeeicecream

#8 Burying Our Dog In The Backyard Who Passed Today At 16 And Came Across This Underground Wall

Answer: It’s got holes in it, that’s a drywell. That thing fills up when it rains so the yard doesn’t flood.

Image credits: Key_Guidance9806

#9 What Are These Tiny Brown And Tan Beads I Found In My Carpet And On My Windowsill?

Answer: Looks like termite frass, aka termite poop.

Image credits: SomeGuySurviving

#10 What Is This Type Of Clamp Used? Only Says China On It

Answer: That’s a gang lock for lockout/tagout. You place this on a breaker when multiple people are working on equipment to keep people from turning the equipment on.

Image credits: 11varine

#11 Ukraine National Police Posted An Image Of This Strangely Textured Object, They Call It "Dangerous To Health And Even Life"... But What Is It?

Answer: Butterfly mines

Image credits: oriolopocholo

#12 What Is This Ice Phenomenon I Found On The Forest Floor Today?

Answer: The term for it is frost flower and has to do with moisture freezing as it escapes plant tissue.

Image credits: ConclusionWorking

#13 Found This While Cleaning Out The Attic. It's Wood, Looks Handmade, Measures 20cm, But I Have No Idea What It Is Or Does!

Answer: Perhaps it's a Yacouba Double Spoon - a symbol of hospitality in traditional African art. It represents two very distinct universes that are opposite.

Image credits: daeris_cos

#14 Found Tiny Vial Of Thick Liquid With A Bead Inside. There Were Also 4 Rubber Things For Your Fingers And It Was All In A Sealed Black Foil Packet. Any Idea What It Is?

Answer: It’s a lotion that comes with temporary tattoo kits. The little rubber finger covers are for applications

Image credits: Complex_Bat8249

#15 Found This Plastic Device Buried In The Garage. About 13 Inches Long, And When You Pull Back The Trigger Where Your Hand Goes It Lifts The Little Knob On The End Upwards. The Bottom Side Of The Knob Has Velcro On It

Answer: Looks like those TSA wands that test for explosives. They put a little cloth piece in there, rub it all over your s**t and then put the little cloth pad in a detector.

Image credits: starsubway

#16 Surgically Removed From My Cat’s Stomach. We Are At A Loss As To What It Is.. Help? It’s Rubbery In Texture And Maybe About An Inch Long

Answer: Do you have a water fountain for your cat? Our cat's fountain has something that looks like that that plugs the spot the power cord for the motor goes into the basin part.

Image credits: emerywowo

#17 My Girlfriend's House Has This Panel Next To The Basement Door That Lights Up Whenever The Basement Light Is On. Why?

Answer: It’s to tell you that the basement light is on.

Image credits: pippiethehippie

#18 Strange “Bench” With Tubing Near The Parking Lot Of An Old Elementary School

Answer: This is playground equipment from the 70s-80s. You lay on your back and slide through by pulling on the bars

Image credits: lDrawnOnwarD

#19 What Is This Instrument/Tool This Woman Is Displaying?

Answer: Its a bed warmer

Image credits: professor_doom

#20 Toilet With A U-Shaped Divot In The Front

Answer: It's a type of handicap toilet, more common in Europe than the US. It's supposed to have an open-front seat, too. That allows a person to slide straight onto and off of the seat (such as from a wheelchair), without their genitals ever touching the seat or the bowl. This is more comfortable and decreases spread of disease.

Image credits: foundboots

#21 Found This Behind A Commercial Freezer While Doing Renovations. Plastic Casing, Plastic Looking Balls, Metal Shroud, About 1.5 Inches In Length. Wall Anchor? Cyanide Capsule?

Answer: this is a scent/pheromone capsule for a moth glue trap

Image credits: Cold-Principle-7233

#22 Found Buried In The Closet Of A Commercial Kitchen. What've I Got? About 6 Inches In Diameter

Answer: It's a hamburger press

Image credits: Normal_Skill3212

#23 What Are These Lights That Appear To Be Behind The Mirror In The Hotel I’m Staying At?

Answer: It’s likely supposed to be an “infinity mirror” you lay a one way mirror over a standard one and put the LED’s between the layer giving it a tunnel appearance. The missing side could be a bad strip of LED’s

Image credits: rizcriz

#24 Witt - Two Card Parked On A Street, Both Seem To Have T-Shirts (Or Some Sort Of Material) Over Their Wing Mirrors, But Just On The Side Facing The Road

Answer: Its to keep birds from attacking the mirrors

Image credits: J_Thompson82

#25 Art Nouveau Style Hook Made Of Silver

Answer: a boot button hook. Used to hook all those tiny buttons on ladies boots

Image credits: _erik_reddit_

#26 Came In A Box Of Candy Making Supplies That I Got Off Craigslist. Measures 4 1/2 Inches Wide And Has About 60 Twisty Screws Embedded Into It. It Came With Lots Of Different Semi-Professional Sugar/Candy Tools And This One Has Me Stumped

Answer: It's for making spun sugar

Image credits: maybetwobabka

#27 Found This Weird Electric Tool. When Plugged In And Turned On It Vibrates Very Intensely. Has Some Spring Like Coils On The Bottom

Answer: It’s a Swedish massager. Hand goes through the springs and it vibrates the hand as you massage someone

Image credits: Massive-Standard-168

#28 Found This Metal Key Shaped Object With In My Wall Behind Some Meshes, Anyone Knows What This Is?

Answer: If it’s in a bathroom, it could be an old razor blade disposal slot. They used to just get pushed in behind the wall.

Image credits: Lofi_Enjoyer

#29 Is This A Shock Collar? My Dog Was Wearing It After Coming Home From Boarding

Answer: Yes it is a bark collar, also formerly known as a shock collar. I say formerly because they now come with vibration. The rubber tips on the collar indicate they are not using the electric shock feature. Instead if the dog barks it vibrates, scaring the dog not to bark.

Image credits: Boracho_Station

#30 Thing Stickied To Corner Of Hand Me Over Desk, That's Been Handed Over Several Times, 4 Holes In Top About 3 Mm In Diameter, Transparent/Clear, Sticky Is Gel Like Substance On Bottom Attaching It To The Desk. Has Three Lobes. No One Has Removed This Thing Cause It's So Intriguing Apparently

Answer: It's for balloons. Table Top Bracket is capable of holding four stems with balloons, making an impressive, helium-free indoor display

Image credits: TwitterpatedLove

#31 Enclosed, Copper Gazebo Type Thing On A Residential Property. House Built In 1929

Answer: It's a cupola. At least it was. When old buildings are torn down, people buy these and repurpose them.

Image credits: pbratt

#32 Why Do These Window Grills Have A Bulge. Seen In Spain

Answer: They're called "belly bars" in a lot of places. They're designed for flower boxes.

Edit: forgot to mention that the primary purpose is security. The rounded part is for flower boxes.

Image credits: lw1999

#33 Witt: Small Metal Trinket Found Buried On Rural Missouri Farm. Appears To Have An Eagle, Flor De Lis, And Rope Pattern On From And A Metal Band On The Back. Quarter For Scale

Answer: It's a boy scout neckerchief slide.

Image credits: Al_Caprone1

#34 What Is This Thing On Wheels Next To Putin?

Answer: Bactericidal irradiator-recirculator DEZAR-4 (ORUBp-3-3-KRONT)

Image credits: haptiK

#35 Large Chunk Of (Metal?) Weighs Quite A Bit In Your Hand And Hasn't Changed In Color In Decades

Answer: The circled m logo is the logo of the réunion des musées nationaux, the French public museums. Probably a copy of a cuneiform tablet available as a souvenir at the Louvre, among other museums.

Image credits: jalanubnub

#36 What Is This Oddly Burned Log I Found At A Campsite?

Answer: Swedish log burning....burns longer than firing a log onto a fire.

Image credits: LavastormSW

#37 What Is This Item? All Night We Are Solving This. It Slides Open And There Is Tiny Piece Of Fiam Inside

Answer: It's a key fob for a programmable RFID entry system

Image credits: jol_andra

#38 Witt: This Metal "Ring" Was In Every Toilet In A Hospital. No Search I Have Done Was Able To Locate A Match Or Answer

Answer: Stops flushable wipes from being flushed. Traptex Plumbing Protection System

Image credits: sassyclassychassy

#39 I've Seen This Cane Shaped (Usually) Brass Post At Numerous Bars And Pubs, And Wondered What It Is And What It Is Used For. L Have Been Unable To Google The Correct Sequence Of Words To Get A Result

Answer: "divider" or "service divider". It serves to keep standing customers to one side, away from the part of the bar where servers pick up drinks. Also notice the opening under the bar, the bartender (in some designs) can lift the top and gets in and out. You don't want customers standing there blocking access

Image credits: FrickenHanzoMain

#40 What Is The Intended Purpose Of This Very Thin, Glass Covered Drawer?

Answer: It’s a bedside cabinet and it’s to put cups of coffee/ breakfast on so it doesn’t leave coffee rings/stains on the top

Image credits: Smokinsumsweet

#41 Red And Clear Rubber Toy Like Thing Found In A Playground

Answer: It's from lego duplo playground set

Image credits: MaximumBicycle3447

#42 What Is This Thing? Small Gold Pig Container With Removable Tiny Spoon For A Tail

Answer: Salt cellar aka salt pig

Image credits: merlee13

#43 On The Bed In My Hotel. Doesn't Open Or Anything. W Melbourne, Australia

Answer: this piece is a nod at Ned Kelly's helmet where the slit in the first picture is where the eyes would be. It's been reimagined as a "playful leather and faux fur fascinator"

Image credits: tungstencoil

#44 What Is This Thing? Circular Thing On A Post In An Antique Place

Answer: This is an Engine Order Telegraph used in older marine vessels. Allowed the Captain remote communication with the ships engine room.

Image credits: LPineapplePizzaLover

#45 What Are These Successive White Target Markers Attached To The Train Tracks? They Have A Tiny Through Hole In The Middle And Are On Both Rails At The Train Stop

Answer: they're for measuring and monitoring track movement.

the train doesn't record it, someone with a total station (laser measuring equipment) will stand in a position of safety and measure these daily / weekly / whatever is specified in the track monitoring plan. they measure up to 1/10th of a mm and will be input into a spreadsheet to check rate of movement and in what areas. if you look around you should be able to see some yellow targets on surrounding infrastructure used to set up and calibrate the equipment.

Image credits: StaeSpace

#46 It's A Toilet Paper Roll Wrapped In A Yellow Cleaning Cloth, That Is Attached By Gummy Strings And Clear Tape. The Cloth Is Stuffed Into The Roll On One End

Answer: It is a home made sploof

Image credits: cofyground

#47 "Light Fixture" I Noticed At A Restaurant In Nl, Canada. Appears To Be Some Sort Of Old Machinery

Answer: It’s the lift mechanism from a dumbwaiter.

Image credits: NerdMachine

#48 Witt? A Small Wooden Box With A Sort Of Dial On The Front Which Can Turn But Cannot Turn Anymore At Certain Points. There Is One More In Another Pew

Answer: The dial is a potentiometer which suggests maybe those are headphone sockets with a volume control

Image credits: loverofmosthings

#49 Beautiful Transparent Green And Sphere, But Not A Marble. Found Outside In North Texas. It Has Shrunk In The Last 2 Days. When Found It Was The Size Of A Marble, Now The Size Of A Pea, But Still Perfectly Sphere

Answer: Lol, orbeez! Fun little water filled marbles that dehydrate into tiny balls

Image credits: BackTireDamage

#50 Insanely Heavy Glass With (Bubbles?) Inside, Inscription Says 1978. Any Idea What This Is Or Just A Random Decoration Item?

Answer: Looks like a paper weight. This is typically one of the first things a student will make when learning glass blowing. The bubbles are created as the glass gather folds over itself. Ultimately one tries to avoid creating bubbles in most cases

Image credits: TheBrickBuilder

#51 This Plastic Box Is Glued By Years Of Paint To My Wall, Only Says "Air King" On It, Which Just Shows Fans When I Google The Name. Looks Original To A House Built In The Late 60's/Early 70's

Answer: the chime for your doorbell.

Image credits: lambchopper71

#52 This Metal Decorative Floral Piece, Removable Petals, 10” Long, On A Table Top

Answer: Ashtray

Image credits: Pooch76

#53 This Cool Vintage Tool Handle In The Shape Of A Leg Was Donated To Our Tool Library But We Can't Figure Out What It Was Used For. Any Suggestions?

Answer: It's for use with a rat tail file. The tail goes into the groove in the back, and the front foot holds the file down to the work piece. Can help with keeping your file parallel to the work surface when you only have one hand to hold the file with.

Image credits: Ottawatoollibrary

#54 Small Cylinder Attached To Camouflage Hunting Jacket

Answer: inflatable port for those 3-in-1 hunting jackets (duck hunting, for instance, often requires a boat ride and partial submersion in water)

Image credits: Megaguy4444

#55 What Is This? Looks And Feels Like A Microchip In The Middle. Found This Underneath The Sofa

Answer: a diabetes test strip

Image credits: Finesse_fitness

#56 Just Purchased A Home Built In 1938. This Kitchen Counter Is Shorter Than The Others, And Has This Metal Insert Built In. It Feels Thin, Like Maybe Ice Was Kept Underneath To Keep Items On Top Cool? I Have Searched Multiple Sites On Old Homes And Have Had Zero Luck Figuring Out The Purpose

Answer: used for kneading dough. The flat surface is where you knead it, the other part is for measuring out the dough into portions.

Image credits: messedupbrowngirl

#57 What Is This Coloured Board Thing Firefighters Set Up?

Answer: Firefighter Accountability Tracker. It keeps track of personel and tasks

Image credits: vaughnegut

#58 I Found These In A Religious Thrift Store, But I Have No Idea What They Are. These Are Ceramic Cylinders Around 6 Inches Tall. They Are Glazed On The Outside And Unglazed On The Inside. The Word "Healthy" Is Stamped On The Base

Answer: I think those are vertical poultry roasters. The idea is to insert them into a whole chicken and bake it standing up. You'd need a baking pan to catch the juices of course.

Image credits: vinasu

#59 From 1970 Flooded Time Capsule - Metal Cylinder About 8 To 10 Ounces

Answer: a seal, such as for letters or other such correspondence

Image credits: Quick_Coffee_1401

#60 Object Found In Kitchen Of Deceased Relative. About 18” Long. Puck Shaped End Is Heavy Solid Metal

Answer: it's caramelizing iron

Image credits: ikiru71

#61 Large Plastic Hood With Gloves Attached. Found In Chicago Residential Alleyway

Answer: glove box. Laboratory glove box. Used to isolate samples. I'm sure you may have seen them once or twice in movies with science labs etc.

Image credits: so_verysorry

#62 6" To 8" Black Cast Iron Frying Pan With A Raised Solid 2" Flat Surface In The Center Of The Pan

Answer: a donut skillet

Image credits: JohnOfA

#63 Found This Buried In Some Pretty Old Dirt. Made Of Brass And Was Found Intact W Dirt Filling The Inside. Seems Too Small To Actually Have Been Any Kind Of Container

Answer: Its a cologne, or perfume container. Your missing the cap, most of the caps were little round balls with a screw bit on the bottom

Image credits: BobDucca

#64 Found At An Estate Sale In New Hampshire. About 3 Feet Tall, Gold Colored, But Silver Inside. Some Sort Of Brackets On The Back. Hollow Like A Bucket, Pretty Light Weight

Answer: a grape hob

Image credits: r1ch999999

#65 Black/Yellow, Large Looking Bomb Shaped Item, Found 30 Mins Outside Halifax, N.s

Answer: This actually looks like a variant of a paravane that Canada used in WW2, before they were generally obsoleted in favor of a US designed (and supplied) type. After the military stopped using them, the fishing industry started picking them up on the cheap (they're aluminum and hollow) and used them with fishing drag nets.

Image credits: Mizzer902

#66 What Is This Blue Artillery Shell Looking Thing That Was Dropped (And Assuming Unexploded) In Ukraine?

Answer: This is the shell from a guided artillery munition, or ballistic missile.

Image credits: Turborg

#67 What Is The Large, Cylindrical Military Device That The Soldier Is Carrying?

Answer: This is a carrying container (like a golf club bag) but inside of it is an anti-tank guided missile. Specifically, I believe they are MBT LAWs which are Main Battle Tank Light Anti-Tank Launchers (AKA NLAWs)

Image credits: TheInvisibleHam

#68 Staying At An Airbnb And We Have This Little Metal Tray Embedded In The Counter Top. It's About An Inch Deep (Banana For Scale), Cannot Be Removed, And Has A Drawer Underneath

Answer: It's where a scale used to be.

Image credits: GBinAZ

#69 What Is This 6-Floor Tiny Tower In The Middle Of A Parking Lot, Adjacent A Baseball Field In East Austin, Tx?

Answer: it's a fire fighter practice building. hey use that whole area for training of all sorts including high speed chase training for cops as well as a firing range.

Image credits: lil_bb_boi

#70 Cutouts Above All Doors In House. They Are Finished And Doors Don’t Extend Into The Cutout. No Holes Or Other Indicators Of Something Being Mounted On The Ceiling

Answer: Headers were cut out for a ceiling lift/track. If you look carefully you can still see the remnants of where the kindorf /support brackets were attached to the ceiling. You can also see the paint shadow on the trim where the ceiling rails passed through.

Image credits: jcain8

#71 Circular Object Found In Snow. Was Making A Loud Chirping Noise. Looked As If It Had An LED On One Side And A Hole On The Other Side. Sound Came From The Ring In The First Pic

Answer: Personal safety alarm

Image credits: yourdonefor_wt

#72 This 1.5 Foot By About 3 Foot Cubby In My Friends New Bedroom

Answer: It's because the vents for hvac were installed after the house was built - they basically sacrificed some space in one room to run the duct work, then constructed awkward walls around it.

Image credits: ricketycricket44

#73 My Neighbor Just Installed This Outside Of Their Window. I Assume It Measures Something But I Have Never Seen Such A Pole

Answer: It’s an antenna

Image credits: tzt1324

#74 What Are These Creepy People Doing Or Wearing? Found On Noril'sk (Russia) Street View, 69°20'53.2"N 88°12'10.7"E

Answer: Anna Tolkacheva russian artist performator with as she says "obsession with coloures"

Image credits: SpaAlex

#75 This Small Plastic Ball Was Found Dislodged In My Ear. Any Ideas?

Answer: airsoft pellet. An overwhelming majority of bb's are 6mm wide.

Image credits: SAQZOOR

#76 Spiky Plastic Thing Banana For Scale!

Answer: Bottle holder for babies bottles. You use it as a drainer after washing them

Image credits: unkiejubjub

#77 In A Classic Buy-Now-Consult-The-Internet-Later Situation, I Now Own These Neon Rainbow Acrylic Mystery Sticks I Found At The Goodwill Bins. Anyone Know What I Bought?

Answer: Multi-Color Acrylic Mahjong Mah Jongg Racks

Image credits: flingo2014

#78 Pulled The Pan On My Transmission To Clean The Magnet, And Found Hundreds To Thousands Of These Little (<0.3mm) Steel Beads, Stuck To The Magnet. 2002 Subaru Outback 160k, Automatic. Confirmed By Mechanics That Nothing Inside The Transmission Resembles This. Transmission Also Seems To Run Fine

Answer: That's steel shot peen.

Manufacturer did a bad job of peen recovery.

Image credits: insideoriginal

#79 Bronze And Lead Object, With Some Kind Of Scale In It, No Moving Parts, Found While Digging

Answer: Appears to be a German artillery fuse

Image credits: Administrative_Film3

#80 Old Heavy Key With “Good Health” Engraved

Answer: It's the key to good health. These 'motivational knickknacks (not sure what else to call them) have been a thing for generations.

Image credits: jdaxjdax

#81 Found This Hard Plastic Item In A Kitchen Drawer. Pictured Next To A Keychain For Scale

Answer: It's a wine stopper. It's made by Rabbit and has a pourer as part of a set

Image credits: HDMI-fan

#82 Minivan With Telescopic Antenna On Top. It Appears That Antenna Is Tracking Something

Answer: a portable mobile base station, so called IMSI-Catcherused to relay cell signals trough it as mobiles connect to the strongest base station signal.

Image credits: Shakalx3

#83 Witt? Slightly Rusty Metal Plate With "Stop" In Cutout Lettering

Answer: Rear Light Stop Face Plate A-13442-AR it’s from a vintage ford.

Image credits: crabnox

#84 Found Above The Door In The Backseat Of A 2011 Porsche Cayenne; What Are The Holes Behind The Small Door Used For?

Answer: They are to attach a net to secure a load in the trunk since it's no sedan

Image credits: TheBirdBytheWindow

#85 Little Razors Attached To Some Sort Of Handle…found On Top Of Fridge. My Husband Has No Idea Either

Answer: Attachment for a mandolin slicer, to make julienne cut veggies. Looks like one of the sides where it clips on broke off

Image credits: cbecker098

#86 Heavy And Small. Found In Southern Germany

Answer: Medieval pilgrim’s badge

Image credits: VivaZane

#87 Found Scattered In Garden, Not Buried, About 4cm Long, Plastic

Answer: Remnants from a type of fireworks known as Saturn missiles

Image credits: kirima_sharo

#88 Cast Iron Shaft In The Marsh On My Property

Answer: its the worm and driveshaft out of a 28-29 model AA ford rearend. Could also be out of a model TT as they had a near identical rearend. If im not mistaken thats the low speed rear axle ratio as well.

driveshaft and worm likely 6-7 feet long.

Image credits: Wagner228

#89 Weird Thing In My Car’s Gas Cap Area? I Was Filling My Car Up At A Gas Station And Noticed This Weird Metal Tile That Had Been Left In The Little Area Where My Gas Cap/Tank Is. I Drive A ‘99 So Anyone Can Open My Gas Cover. Lemme Know If I’m Being Tracked Or Anything

Answer: it is just the mounting plate for something called a Pump Pal that allows you to "never touch a dirty gas pump again." Basically it's a silicon glove thing you wear when using the pump and it has a magnet that is used to store the glove on the fuel door of your car using that adhesive backed metal plate.

Image credits: saturnzava

#90 Park Bench With Weird Cutouts. Don't Think It's For Bikes, You'd Need A Really Long Chain To Wrap All The Way Around

Answer: It’s for bikes. When u want to sit you park your bike behind you. It’s not meant to lock your bike and leave

Image credits: ouqw3

#91 Humming Metal Locked Box Next To A Corn Field

Answer: It's an electrical transformer.

Image credits: daggero99

#92 What Is This Two Attached Differently Sized Cups Made Of (Probably) Uranium/Vaseline Glass?

Answer: smoke set. You put cigarettes in one cup and matches in the other, and there’s a place on the side to strike the match.

Image credits: randomcat666

#93 Kids Pack On Air Flight Contained These With No Explanation Or Instructions. What Are They?

Answer: Ahh...the inventor didn't realize that some parents even adults need instructions. Surely you can see that these look like airplane wings!

"Kids flying Air France can play with their food thanks to Catalan designer Eugeni Quitllet, who created a spoon, fork and knife that can be transformed into a small model aircraft. "

The spoon, fork and knife for the kids meal pack have slots in their handles, you slot these into the handles to make model airplanes. Notice that you get 3 of them, and "mon avion" is French for "my airplane".

Image credits: Buggslondon

#94 A Putty Type Substance Found Inside A Dehumidifier. It Doesn't Seem To Have Any Purpose That I Can Think Of Since It's Inside A Plastic Bag Which Is Inside A Plastic Box With No Visible Pipes Or Vents Attached To It. It Doesn't Have Any Smell But It's Oily Like Glazing Putty

Answer: It's foam. Possibly for sound deadening so the compressor isn't as noticeable.

Bagged expanding foam is common for applications where you want to fill a space but don't want the foam to make contact with what's in the space. It's more commonly used in packaging of odd shaped items, but can be used in other applications seen here.

The bag is inserted then an expanding foam of some variety is added. The bag conforms to the surrounding surfaces as the foam expands allowing the combination to be form fitting without the foam making contact with any of the surfaces.

Image credits: AylmerQc01

#95 Can Anyone Tell Me What This Is? It Looks Like A Plastic Key Of Some Sort But With A Ridge Pattern Instead Of A Normal Key Pattern

Answer: a paper towel or soap dispenser key

Image credits: shellybear006

#96 Metal Triangle Shaped Hand Tool With An Offset Wooden Handle. Five Shallow Circle Indents On The Surface. Similar To A Trowel. Found In The Kitchen Section Of A Thrift Store, But Could Have Been Misplaced

Answer: It's a Masonic shot glass holder

Image credits: peachdoughnut

#97 These Red And Green Lights On The Outside Of This Medical Clinic

Answer: A lab I worked at had the same thing, but we used them to signal that we had FedEx packages for pickup.

If it was green, the driver knew to come in and get outgoing packages, if it was red, it meant we had none.

Image credits: StarTrekTherapy

#98 Found On The Beach, It's Solid And The Green Casing Feels Like Stone But Is Almost A Little Stretchy When I Try To Pull At The Edges. Stays Solid When Heat Up

Answer: a capacitor. Looks like the two wires can be seen at the bottom. Might be an old "WIMA FKP 4", considering the colors of case and potting compound

Image credits: TheaEcstatic

#99 Witt! Fairy Orb? I Found This After A Few Days Of Heavy Rain On A Non-Public Trail That I Walk Frequently. It Seems To Be Glass And Hallow... Not Heavy Like A Marble. The Green Parts Are Raised

Answer: That's a marble

Image credits: IAMS-WHAT-IAMS

#100 What Is This Chrome Thing Near The Toilet And The Tp Holder?

Answer: Looks like a holder for magazines. "Literature" is an important bathroom supplies category - or at least used to be before smartphones

Image credits: FlabberGusted

#101 To Piggy Back Off The Other Clothing "Loop" Post: What Is This Loop Towards The End Of Both The Sleeves On My Jacket? Who Would Hang Their Jacket Up By The Sleeves? What Are These For?

Answer: The fleece can go inside an outer shell jacket. The loops connect inside the sleeves of the jacket so that the sleeves of the fleece don't come out of the jacket when you take it off

Image credits: XEcksDeeD

#102 Cinderblock Stove Structure On The Edge Of 1920 Farmhouse Property. Located Down The Hill From The House

Answer: That’s what it is. Cook houses were often away from the main house to reduce fire risk and to just deal with the heat in the summer

Image credits: old_mansion

#103 Heavy Metal Ball End, Quality Rope. The Cat Insisted To Be In The Photo. Found Next To Some Horse Tracks

Answer: it’s a “backhand thumper” a Bering wrapped in paracord for self defense. It's also called a slung shot. Illegal to possess in California and probably some other states.

Image credits: 57Donuts

#104 What Are These Little Porcelain Angels/Cherubs With Rings In Their Hands? Found In An Old Box Of Christmas Decorations But I’ve Never Seen Them Before

Answer: they slide onto taper candles as decoration

Image credits: CarefulRequirement

#105 Is This A Real Cannonball? Found 2 In My Yard In Northeast Wi. Weighs 6lb2.5oz

Answer: 6 pound shot put.

Image credits: Mentalcouscous

#106 White Submarine-Shaped Boat Getting Towed Every Morning And Afternoon Along The Shoreline Of Honolulu, Hawaii

Answer: Atlantis Discovery – Waikiki Submarine Tour

Image credits: i_am_unique213

#107 What’s This Device Mounted Under My Office Desk?

Answer: Occupancy sensor. They are linked to a display screen to help with hot desking.

Image credits: [deleted]

#108 What’s This Hard Plastic 8 Chamber Unit With Rigid Metal Non-Moving Pins? Some Kind Of Revolver Cylinder?

Answer: Cap gun revolver cylinder

Image credits: dallopofscallops

#109 These White Circles On My Ceiling. In Every Room Of My New Apartment. They Feel Like Tin Or Similar Lightweight Material When I Tap On Them. Tried To Get My Nails Underneath Pull One Off The Ceiling But They're Firmly Attached And I Didn't Want To Cause Damage

Answer: Concealer plate for a sprinkler head. Plate has a solder link that lets go and a lower temp than the bulb on the sprinkler head above the cover.

Image credits: weinerdoggos

#110 Brass Or Bronze Ball With Dividing Lines

Answer: Petanque ball

Image credits: fiveironfrenzy21

#111 Clay Like Substance Packed In Foil Found Washed Up On The Beach

Answer: a food ration pack from a lifeboat

Image credits: Astroid

#112 Small Dimpled Rubber Ball That Was Fired At A Cyclist, Drive-By Style. Very Squishy And About The Size Of A Paintball

Answer: Nerf ball for a Nerf ball gun like the Hyper or the Rival

Image credits: Fombombo

#113 1ft X 1ft X 2ft Hole In Concrete Basement Floor

Answer: That’s a sump. Made to put a sump-pump in to pump out water before it floods your basement

Image credits: CivilPotato

#114 Found This At My Internship And They Asked If I Could Guess What It Is, Any Ideas? It Is A Relatively Small, Metal Plate

Answer: Looks like a Witkar key. Even the design in the flat part looks like the company logo

Image credits: Fleuriiee

#115 Weird Concrete Slab Thing In The Garden Of My New Home

Answer: It probably had a sundial or bird bath attached at one point

Image credits: Ok-Economy-5820