10 Useful Ways To Upcycle Baby Wipe Containers

Once you pull the last wipe from your baby wipe container, do you just toss it in the trash without really thinking about it? If so, youre missing out on some really useful ways to upcycle baby wipe containers into something else. Whether your baby wipe container is a box, a cylinder, or a plastic pouch, theres something else you can do with it once the wipes are gone. Check these out!

As a parent you know how expensive wipes are. You go through what seems like hundreds of containers. Instead of just throwing them out, there are many ways to upcycle them. Yep, that's right...no more wasting money throwing them away only to fill up our landfills. Does this idea have you a little curious? I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the many uses. Keep reading to learn more.#upcycle #babywipes

Why You Should Upcycle Baby Wipe Containers

Even if you dont have a baby or toddler in the house, you may still keep baby wipes around because they are useful for much more than babies. That means whenever you empty a container, there are still lots of organizational opportunities to use it. Here are just 10 of them.

Baby wipe containers have so many uses once they've run out of baby wipes. Learn how you can upcycle baby wipe containers to make the most of them.

1 Do you knit or crochet? Instead of letting your yarn roll around on the floor at your feet or get tangled in a basket, put the skein inside a cylindrical baby wipe container. Pull the end through the hold in the lid to use it. The baby wipe container successfully keeps your yarn where you want it, tangle-free!

2. Save that baby wipe pouch, because it makes an inexpensive sensory and developmental play toy for babies. Cut squares of leftover fabric scraps and put them into the baby wipe container. Little hands love to pull out the colorful fabric squares {even more than they love to pull out all the wipes!}.

3. Gardeners can start spring seedlings inside a baby wipe box. All you need to do is add potting soil and seeds and wait for the sprouts. Keep the soil moist and put the box in a sunny window.

4. Dont go out and buy small storage boxes for crafts or sewing supplies. Just use an empty baby wipes container.

5. Dryer sheets come in boxes that dont protect them very well. How easy is it to transfer the dryer sheets to the inside of a baby wipes box? Pretty easy! Theyll dispense one at a time, just like the wipes do.Do you love to upcycle and recycle things around your house? You should! Learn how you can upcycle baby wipe containers.

More Ways to Upcycle Baby Wipe Containers

6. Theres a cheap and easy way to organize your saved plastic grocery bags. Stick them in a baby wipes container, and put it under the sink. Then you can easily pull out one or two when you need them.

7. Spray paint your empty baby wipes container and then give it to the kids to store their favorite little treasures.

8. Use an empty baby wipes box to store first aid supplies for the car.

9. Label those boxes and use them to store small snack packs, juice boxes, and other things inside your pantry.

10. Take the lids off to upcycle baby wipes containers as drawer organizers in any room. They work great for makeup and beauty supplies in your bathroom!

And there you have it, 10 useful ways to upcycle baby wipe containers. Let me know which ones work best for you!

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