Grid Drawer Divider - 2 Piece

Grid Drawer Divider - 2 Piece

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Great Grid Drawer Storage

Perfect for Any Items You Need To Organize

Forget Fumbling Around Looking for That One Item You Need Right Away

Now Organize and Viola Everything at Your Fingertips!

  • These are drawer separators which are fit for any kind of drawers
  • An ideal tool to divide your drawers into several parts as you want
  • Makes your house neat and organized in a few minutes
  • Organize your hosiery, necktie, belt, scarf, and underwear, etc in your divided drawers
  • Help find your things at a glance
  • These drawer separators can be used for tiding and classify household necessities and promote the efficiency greatly
  • Size - 42cm  x 7cm (16.53" x 2.75")
  • Made of PP Plastic